Thursday, May 6, 2010

“The desert is not a wasteland”- check out this video about a couple that are heroes to me. Fight on!

This video by Mary Moore chronicles the story of jojoba farmers Larry
and Donna Charpied who live in a trailer in the desert and who fought
and won the decades long battle to stop the Eagle Mountain landfill from 
being built in the underbelly of Joshua Tree National Park, saving the
park and their own area from what can only be described as catastrophic

In 1987, after hearing about the proposed garbage dump, the largest in the world even to this day, and after the Riverside County Supervisors approved the plan, they filed
their own lawsuit in state court, in pro per, acting as their own attorneys as they
couldn’t afford a lawyer, lost in the state courts, going into federal court, and finally
recently winning there in the appellate courts, and I believe Los Angeles finally abandoned the planned dump at that point.

The video doesn’t touch on the fact that now their area is the bullseye for several
giant solar energy developments now. So just when they thought the fight was won,
they’re pulled right back into the fray.

Fight on, we’ll support you anyway we can. One way is to let your readers of the backporch
know about it. I recommend you watch the above video and then check out these links below, viewing these items will only just scratch the surface but will give you some idea
of what the fight is about and why it is necessary.

A personal note- I consider this couple to be truly worthy of being called heroes. That
is something I don’t say everyday. But on the other hand, how often do you hear about
average people single-handedly taking on a billion$ business, and the whole government
and winning, but having to fight on for decades unsure of the outcome? I feel the word hero
is bandied about a little too much nowadays and has been cheapened in some cases, but
not here. The Charpied’s are heroes to Morongobill, end of story.

Note to those of you with satellite and can get KCET, channel 28 in Los Angeles. Tonight
at 7:30 pm or 1930 Pacific time, Huell Howser is having a story on his show,”California’s
Gold” about these folks, hope you can view it. If not, there is a link to d/l the video on their
website, here:

Here are those links, folks!
above link from our friends at Basin and Range Watch and features text and photos by Donna Charpied. This gives you an idea of the beauty and abundant plant and animal life there.

Here’s a story about why the dump must be stopped:

There you have it. A feel good story to make your day. But don’t, rephrase that, let’s
don’t rest too long, because their beautiful valley is in grave danger, let’s get ready
to do battle with them, in what is surely to be another epic struggle to come. I plan on
heading out there, it’ll be in the heat I am sure, in the un- air conditioned morongomobile,
and while out that way, I hope to run across these folks and thank them in person,
for all they have down to help save our deserts and backcountry.

By the way, I am not sure I can watch them tonight so I am downloading the file as we speak!

Send them an email folks, let the Charpied’s know you care and that we’re in their

Vaya con dios, my friends.



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