Friday, May 14, 2010

Folks here’s a good video worth watching!

From the “Campaign for the California Desert” website.

This film was made by noted graphic artist and film-maker Peter
Rhalter, he of the desert wildflower video fame, okay, I know about the
other work but this is my site, and I just love the wildflower shows from
the desert, so there!

I also recommend you check out this website which is just chock full of
good information about the Mojave and issues facing it today and into the future.

A request from Morongobill to his dear readers:
I am looking for a good book on “how to video desert wildflowers,etc”.
I am fully aware of the amateur quality of my video efforts so far and am
hopeful someone reading this can point me in the right direction. Plus any
videocam recommendations, say under 400-500$? Thanks for any help.
Send info via email to:

While I am on a roll, any ideas for blogging software that isn’t buggy would
be appreciated, I can’t get this Windows Live Writer to respond to my
command to de-bold this type so I’ll finish it “like the software wants me to.”

Morongobill, fighting the battle against buggy software!


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