Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Interviewed by the news media at Sunrise Rock 5/11/2010.

After making my post in the morning, I felt compelled to see for myself that the
cross was, in fact, gone. So I gassed up the morongomobile, grabbed my camera
and desert hat and off I went up to the Mojave National Preserve and Sunrise
Rock, where the Mojave Cross was located until Sunday night. I arrived at the
site of the cross sometime after one in the afternoon where I was greeted by this sight.
mojavecross 004

And the view on the other side of the road.
mojavecross 006

In the top photograph you can see that the cross is missing from atop Sunrise Rock.
Here is a photograph showing the evidence of the crime.
mojavecross 002

I believe the thieves used a battery powered sawzall to cut through those steel bolts.
Below is a photo of the news media down below, this was after I was interviewed by
KCAL 9, KABC 7, and KNBC 4 and before I spent about 15 minutes with the staff
photographer and staff writer for the Riverside Press-Enterprise. Here I photographed
them on top of the Sunrise Rock.
mojavecross 008

Below I will have links to the local news reports and to the two stories and podcasts
for the newspaper.

(A note to my readers. I am typing this at about 10:45 pm and after driving about 450
miles round trip, I think I’ll pick this back up in the morning. Good night.)

Well it’s about 0754 so before I forget or they take down the video’s here are the before
mentioned Morongobill and media encounters. A warning, I know I have joked that I
might possibly be an ounce or two overweight but it appears the tv cameras make me
look pounds over the scale ;-)
the knbc4 video is not up but below is the link to the Riverside Press Enterprise story
Late edit done on 11/20/2011. The 3 press enterprise links are no longer good. Dug Begley, the reporter advised me that when they changed their web setup, some of the stories did not carry forward, here are
links to his personal site where the text of the stories is available via .pdf form.
 Also the KNBC video is available on my youtube page here.

Scroll down about halfway down page to article
"Visitors lament loss of Mojave Cross
Tuesday, May 11, 2010
You have to have been to Sunrise Rock many times over the years, always seeing
the cross standing up top, to fully appreciate its’ loss now. It really is a different place
without it. Just doesn’t seem the same or have quite the same feeling about it somehow.

Last night I was talking to good friends of mine about the day’s events, trying to explain
why I dropped everything and drove almost 4 hours one way to see for myself that the
cross was gone, I still can’t get a total grasp on it except to say that it felt like I just had
to go.
It felt like it was my duty to go up. This place, Sunrise Rock and its’ Mojave
Desert Cross, this sacred place, to all Americans who honor the brave fallen
dead from our wars, no matter how you may feel about those wars, their sacrifice
for whatever reason or motivation, deserves this remembrance and place
of honor and memory, and its’ desecration cries out for the culprits to be swiftly
caught and for them to face the wrath of the people via their courts, and I mean
that, wrath, an emotion that sometimes is called for.

After leaving the Sunrise Rock area and by the way, never accomplishing what I wanted
to do which was to film a short video on location, due to obvious reasons, I decided to
head back home via Cima, Kelso Depot, and I-40 back, not I-15. Here is a short video
taken from my car as I drove off from my parking location and by Sunrise Rock.

Okay folks, I think this is a good place to stop. I will post a follow up soon, maybe later
today with the details of my visit to Kelso Depot and a neat video recorded from the
jail there!

Until then, vaya con dios, my friends. You never know where the next danger comes
from so keep your ears and eyes open please. Thanks for dropping in on the backporch.