Monday, May 17, 2010

The lockout by Rio Tinto in Boron- finally over.

Earlier last week while driving the trolley in and out of the theme park, I met one of the locked out union workers from Boron, the former U.S. Borax mine, known for decades
for the 20 mule borax teams. We had a very interesting but brief discussion about the
lockout, note that is not the same as a strike and the employees can draw unemployment,
and among the things we talked about was this radio interview on Democracy Now which I heard a couple of months ago. I will link to the site page below and to the video and
mp-3 feed as well.

I am pleased to report the morale is pretty good amongst the workers and there is talk that the Rio Tinto conglomerate may be about to make a real contract offer finally. Even though
I was cleared to release the worker’s name I choose to keep it private as I still have concerns after hearing and reading about this English corporations’ labor practices and
the way it goes in and makes wholesale changes. The person I talked to, I will say, was
very strong in the belief the workers will prevail, along with the union. Evidently in the
old glory days when it was U.S. Borax, things were more family oriented then, as in you
were like part of the family. As someone who has been bought more times in corporate
takeovers, so many that sometimes I feel like Kunta Kinte in Roots, I know what they
are talking about.

news flash- the lockout is over and workers have ratified the
new offer from the company!

Well folks, turns out that info was in fact excellent, I am taking a break from driving my bus
right now and just found it out, excellent news.

Here is the original link from Democracy Now’s broadcast which I recommend anyway
to pickup background knowledge on this issue.

And the video then from the show:
Just click on the video on the page or there is a mpeg audio available.



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