Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mojave Cross Gone. Don’t read if you are afraid of expressions of outrage!

Thanks to Chris@Coyote Crossing who found the link at Scott’s site at
Scott-Wright.net, links below.

Evidently it was stolen in the middle of the night and is under investigation
by the National Park Service. Evidently the staff have been instructed not to
talk about this with anyone, typical bureaucracy.


What a craven act, no doubt committed by a couple of poltroons. I don’t need to
know their motivations or reason for doing such a dishonorable act. As my father
used to say, God rest his soul, and I’ll paraphrase and make this personal, something
he never did, I would like to beat their a---s until their noses bleed!
I mean it folks, I am not a violent person by nature, and I realize I may scare some
people off but there is absolutely no excuse good enough to this outraged bus
driver for pulling off this sacred cross from atop Sunrise Rock, where it has stood for
over 75 years. Some acts cry out for a response and it isn’t to turn the other cheek, after
all the Lord didn’t remove the moneychangers from the temple by talking to them, he
ran them out with the scourge, which is just the right way now to handle this. Those
idiots that stole this cross better hope they don’t get caught by anyone but the law

These brave men who the cross honored, many who came from the farm, and some
no doubt from this very desert that the cross stood over, deserve better than this. I know
it is considered old-fashioned but they gave their last measure of devotion, and laid down
their lives in that terrible war, often in inhumane conditions, left to rot in water and disease
filled trenches, never knowing when the next artillery shell or machine gun burst might
tear them limb from limb, snuffing out their hopes, dreams, lives, never to see their homes
or loved ones again. Those “dough boys” deserve better than to be dishonored in such a fashion.

This act by provocateurs needs to be commented on publicly by our elected officials
in no uncertain terms, and by law enforcement officials at the top. No namby-pamby
terms either. And the case needs to be prioritized, not just swept under the rug. But who
knows, maybe these people who did this are smarter than the average vandal and
actually get away with this crime. I hope not. Although no doubt they think they are.

Long time visitors to the backporch know I visited this cross recently, after doing the
Teutonia Peak Trail hike. It was a moving experience for me personally, I choked up
while filming a short video as I was discussing the history, about the purpose for this
cross to be affixed where it was atop Sunrise Rock, to honor the war dead of that
time so many years ago, the war to end all wars. At the time, I knew of the court fight,
but didn’t know how it would end, in my heart I never thought it would come to an end
like this…..

Here are the links:


teutonia peak hike-mnp 070


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