Monday, May 3, 2010

Very alarming articles about renewable energy.

Two articles came across this blogger’s desk today that should be required
reading for the environmental group bigwigs that seem to be siding with
the big corporate green energy firms against the desert and other wild

The first article was from the Washington Post’s Sunday 4/25/2010 edition,
entitled “Five myths about green energy” and written by Robert Bryce. Links
to the articles will be at the end of this post. The main point from the article, in my opinion,
was the huge amount of land required to produce a small amount of energy,
a phenomenon that the Nature Conservancy calls “energy sprawl”. If you
don’t believe them just go to the BLM or CEC websites and see just how big the
projects really are, or you could just go talk to Senor Tortuga.

The next was a research article co-written by some of the senior fellows at the
Nature Conservancy entitled”Energy Sprawl or Energy Efficiency: Climate Policy Impacts on Natural Habitat for the United States of America” and published in August, 2009.
The most interesting section to me was “energy sprawl in 2030”. It states that no matter
what climate change policy is in effect then, the amount of land required for renewable
energy use will be about 206,000 square kilometers in the US, or larger than the whole state of Nebraska!

Now that’s something to think about here in my morongobilloffice.
office 001 
Yes we truly think of it all at the office. It may be in the low rent district, but we are
guaranteed to be math model and spreadsheet free. I just wish the view was like
mine from the virtual backporch.

Oh, one other thing from that second article. They say we can reduce the energy
sprawl by conserving energy and by siting plants on already disturbed land. My dear
readers who have followed this blog for a while have surely heard that last before.

Just something else to consider from here in the blogosphere.

Make your opinion count! Do like this blogger and comment on articles you find on the
New York Times, or wherever. Their opinion is no more valuable than yours or mine,
and we are not beholden to any special interests or fat cats. If you don’t like what
they say, tell them about it! For that matter, if you don’t like what I am saying or doing
here, tell us about it via your comments.

Here are the two links:




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