Saturday, May 29, 2010

We don’t need no “teacher-in-chief”!

Folks, no matter your politics, I’m liberal, don’t you sometimes wish we had a
leader in the white house? I mean a real, honest to God leader, who doesn’t
give a damn about the polls, but does something because it is the right thing,
based on morals and values from their upbringing. Don’t you ever wonder what
it would be like to have a Congress and state houses where the members work
on behalf of their constituents, all of them, and not just powerful and wealthy ones?

And it’s not just in the government- how about some corporate types actually for
once, showing some leadership and responsibility, instead of doing just what
the lawyers, handlers, and public relations folks suggest. We see it all the time,
everyone fighting to get in front of the cameras when times are good and nowhere
to be found when the bottom drops out, it’s always the same old thing, different
s---, different day. I, for one, am sick of it.

While on the subject of what I am sick of, our “teacher-in-chief” comes right to mind.
It seems like he’s on the tube, talking to us like a school marm all the time. I’ve had
it, I’m done with him. It’s bad enough, he’s hell bent on paving or windmilling over
every desert vista his minions can find and now is presiding over the worst environmental
disaster I believe this country has ever had. I believe we are only seeing the “tip of the
iceberg here, and another shoe is absolutely going to be dropping soon, you heard it
here on the backporch first. The oil leak flow rate is an absolutely perfect example of
what I am talking about here. My prediction is, whatever the highest rate you’ve heard,
add about 25% or so upwards to it, that’s how bad I think it is.

This gargantuan oil slick, whether dispersed downward toward the sea floor or spread
far and wide on the surface of the gulf, is moving inexorably closer and closer to the
shores and to that current they talk about, that could send it around Florida to the Atlantic
Ocean and beyond. This genie has popped out of the bottle and is proving exceedingly
difficult to put back in, it may never be. What if this is beyond our capability at this
time to fix? What if we can’t shut it off? I don’t have the answers and guess what,
neither does anyone else evidently. How do you mitigate this situation?

But fear not, our “teacher-in-chief” was Johnnie on the spot yesterday, there at that
”Potemkin Village like” press conference where from news reports I saw, BP bused in
crowds of workers for the time he was there and as soon as he left, they were bused back
to whatever place they came from, yes he was there taking “full responsibility”, forgive
me I haven’t had time to have my lawyers check his statement for any “weasel words”-
a little bit late if you ask this blogger- a lesson in leadership such as I have never seen
nor want to see again. I am done with this professor-in-chief and if something
doesn’t change, I believe he’ll be bounced out of office after one term. Of course,
the politico’s could care less, they’ll still have perks, influence, and money no
matter which side wins.

I remember reading a biography of Washington where when as a young officer, I believe
during the French and Indian wars, in one engagement , some of his men broke in battle
and started running for the rear, and from horseback, wielding the flat edge of his sword
applied liberally to their backsides, he broke the panic gripping his men, and by sheer bravery under fire and with his will stopped their headlong flight and won the battle.

That was leadership, shown at the moment required and with decisive action taken.
And it got results.

Who’s going to step forward now at this decisive moment? Will it be our president or perhaps someone in the Congress? Maybe someone in one of the executive branch
agencies involved with the cleanup? Perhaps at one of the oil firms?

Somebody better come up with some ideas quick, because hurricane season is just around the corner and in this case as the song goes, “Time waits for no one”.


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