Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weekend reading list--- relax it’s a short one.

This first link will educate you on this whole desert solar farm issue.
This is a “must read” if you have an interest in seeing what all the fuss
is about or if you really care about our deserts. Surf over to Coyote
Crossing for the article here:

This next article was written in mid-summer 2009 and is tough sledding
but the conclusions seem right on, and the author obviously understands
this whole renewable energy gig, especially from the macro perspective.
Surf over here and you better eat your wheaties before you tackle this
one, and may I suggest that you bookmark both of these fine sites.

The title of the article is “Renewable power? Not in your lifetime”

Have a nice weekend folks, there may be a pop quiz next time we meet up
here at the backporch.


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