Thursday, May 13, 2010

Widening the horizons at the backporch.

For a while now, I have been thinking of heading off in another direction,
toward what goal, I haven’t a clue. Maybe no goal, maybe just in any
way that interests me.

It has become obvious to me that I would be perfectly happy and even content
to write and travel exclusively about the Mojave National Preserve, like the low
power radio am1610 that airs close to Baker says “you could spend several
lifetimes exploring the MNP” or words similar to that. Perhaps in a few years
after retirement kicks in, that might be my fate.

But for now, I haven’t had the time or funds due to economic reasons to indulge
myself in that particular fantasy, and must change directions and start visiting
other subjects, as yet undetermined, that I can write about, and that won’t
require the traveling involved.

You see, I love this preserve and desert, it’s as necessary to me as oxygen to breathe
but it also is hard to write about it so much and not be able to head out whenever
I want to, which under ideal circumstances, would probably be weekly! But as
I discovered by my day trip yesterday to Sunrise Rock, this requires more resources
of a financial nature than I can bring to bear at this time.

I will be blogging about other things, commenting on events, as I have been,
including the industrialization of the deserts, as before, but not exclusively the Mojave
or just the deserts for that matter. Broadening the horizons some might say.
I am open to any ideas my readers might have, those that feel inclined to share
those with me. I am also open to volunteering in any way I can to help in the cause,
and by now, loyal readers know my cause. Feel free to email me if so desired.

My followers, thank you for signing on publicly, it means a lot to me and I hope
you stick around for the journey which continues, albeit in another direction perhaps.
Toward this end, I again wish to thank each
and everyone of you for coming along for the ride so far and hope you will hang around.

You know I was re-reading an archived post from one of my first followers site’s, tonight,
a post that described sitting by a campfire somewhere near Cima Dome, smelling
the incense-like smell of the smoke and watching the stars above, thank you Chris
for that wonderful post, and I realized at that moment, that is what I need to do, and
soon, just get away from this civilization thing for a while, this dreary pursuit of
Mammon and keeping up with everyone else, to just chill, brother, as they used to
say and maybe still do somewhere. I need to do it, because at some point, I fear, the
decision is going to come out on Ivanpah and it may be a bad one, and on a personal
level, it may be devastating, so time is of the essence, for me.

If nothing else, just another ride up, maybe do a post on the Bert Smith rockhouse off
Cedar Canyon Road, where discerning and knowledgeable readers know that I cribbed
the idea for my “virtual backporch”! They say confessions good for the soul, I feel
better already. Or maybe a post on the history of that rustic house, whatever suits
my fancy at the moment. Or perhaps take that new hiking trail down from there to Rock Springs and see if they are flowing at this time of year.

Folks I never tried to use this blog as some sort of get rich scheme. I said on more than
one occasion that the plan for the ads was to supplement my eventual retirement and to allow travel around to see things to blog about. So at some point, I may bring them
back, but only a little at a time, and only things I care about and that I think my readers
won’t mind. If that doesn’t work, maybe I’ll pass the hat around if necessary, we’ll see.

After I drove away from Sunrise Rock yesterday afternoon, I stopped for a little visit at
Kelso Depot and the new Beanery, which is the reincarnation of the old lunch counter.
I had a cup of coffee and chatted a bit with the staff there. I found out again for the
umpteenth time just how friendly and knowledgeable the folks there are, if the rest of the
government workers were this way, we wouldn’t hear all the belly aching that goes on
in the media and in our daily lives about them. These folks there are great! And by the
way, so are the volunteers that help out there and throughout the park service. One
day I hope to be among that group of volunteers, it would be a privilege to be associated
with them in that way.

As I headed down toward the I-40 junction and my return trip back to the big city, I thought
about visiting the Vulcan Mine area again and heading over to the Kelso Dunes and
the Granite Mountains, and what an honor it would be to perhaps be able to visit the
Sweeny Granite Mountains Research Center one day, if I knew someone which I don’t,
but if they by some chance read this, I’m willing to volunteer! I’ll be happy to come up on an off work day to help out in anyway I can!
teutonia peak hike-mnp 050

You see, it  really is true, you could spend a lifetime at the preserve, making a difference
in your own life and maybe in others’ as well. Please consider it or some other place you really care about, for a visit or more, and there’s a standing invitation to tell us about it here at the backporch, publicly or just privately to me.

Vaya con dios, my friends.



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