Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wore out today, maybe a little depressed.

Sorry for not posting much lately, I have some ideas but seem to be lacking
energy and motivation. About the only thing I have written lately was this
little blurb I posted on Facebook the other day:

I have been feeling very pessimistic lately, in particular about the state of the world economy, and am throwing this out there- if you feel a great big urge to go into debt big time for something you really must have, think two or three times about it. The last thing you need to accumulate in a deflationary time is more debt which will be repaid with hard to earn dollars.

I am sorry to say that I feel we will be in the second dip of the recession this
time next year and/or will realize that were in an actual depression all this time.
I felt the same way prior to the housing collapse while the pundits were denying
there was even a bubble and that prices would always go up, easy to say in
hindsight but my friends will back me up on this, that’s one of the main things
I talked about then, I am sure that got sick of hearing it from me.

Long time readers know I never talk about my job as a bus driver, I will today to only
mention lately I have been doing airport related runs, which are tiring me out until I
build up my strength, it’s frustrating to be thinking all day during work about ideas to
talk about here and then forget them by day’s end or just be too tired to do anything but surf the web!

So feel free to look through the archives, dear readers, I am sure there’s something there
of interest. Those of you ending up here out of the blue, if you want to see and here me,
feel free to watch any of my videos here in these pages, just don’t expect to see any
great video work. I admit I don’t know much about it, and even asked for help on these
pages, now I am begging for help from any knowledgeable reader familiar with
video production and film making, to recommend a good book or two, please,
on the subject.

I guess I’m just going through a dry spell and hope everyone will stick around for the ride to come.

Hope to see you again soon.



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