Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another Stirling Suncatcher video and article. Thousands and thousands of these are heading for California soon!

Long-time visitors here remember I made a field trip to the site of the Calico Solar
project on 4/27/2010. Read about the visit at the link below.

Here is the link to the article here:

And here is the direct link to the 5 minute video:

The link to my visit to the area:

And the second page about the visit:

A very interesting claim was made on this video by the man at the plant there in Maricopa
County, Arizona. He said the mirrors are cleaned once a month and that it takes 14 gallons
of water. I would be very interested in seeing proof of that, perhaps even a video of the

The article mentions that the company was supposed to have 300MW online this year and
only has 1.5, perhaps that also might have to do with what I heard and repeated on this blog, that they are using 1 maintenance worker for every 12 suncatchers there. As I mentioned in a previous post, they could singlehandedly resolve the unemployment problem up in the high desert if they build both of their proposed plants ;-)

I am pretty sure that this project is looking pretty shaky right now.

I better rephrase that, if they had to depend on investors to keep going, they’d probably
be in bankruptcy sooner than later, but since they are probably depending on us, the taxpayers, they probably think they are in the catbird seat.

Turn your volume up when you watch the video, turn it way up. Then watch one of my videos I did on my visit, you won’t hear anything but the wind. That awful racket, from
thousands and thousands of these monstrosities is coming soon to a quiet desert area.

Another thing is mentioned in the video about them not having a concrete base, did you
catch that? Now if you watched my videos you saw the very large wash running into the site. I might point out that they claimed there were no ephemeral washes at the Calico site.
Somebody is lying and I don’t think it’s me. How is this giant mirror mechanism, heavy and
huge, going to withstand a desert flash flood? What kind of dangerous metals and chemicals are inside? Are we talking potential toxic waste catastrophe here? They are
going to put many thousands of these in several square miles of desert.

Anyway watch the video, it’s an eye opener.


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