Sunday, June 27, 2010

A blog post I found that you should check out.

Read the latest from Joe Bageant and see if you feel the same about things here in
the land of the Walmarts and the financial and political gurus.

He just flew back to this country after spending 8 months or so living in Mexico.

His commentary on “green solutions” and “sustainable energy” struck a chord with
me. It was interesting also to see that electricity in Mexico  is on “the price you pay escalates with usage”. Just by implementing that one change here in this country
would probably go a long way to cutting demand here, maybe even eliminating the
”need” to build these “renewable energy” plants all over the place.

This is definitely a smart man, very observant, but one, however, who is totally out
of step with what “our betters” think is the “right attitude”.

Keep writing, Joe. Keep pointing out the “idiot”syncrancies of this system we live in
here in Amerika.



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