Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bold move by the president today, and thoughts by this blogger on environmental stewardship and this blog.

And one that may have consequences for the long run.

To this blogger, it seems for a very long time, that our military has
always been first in line for everything- first dibs on the money, the
newest technology, respect from the citizenry, just about everything
you can quantify. I don’t begrudge them that, I am just pointing out
what seems to be obvious to me and quite a few other folks, who
take the time to read and listen to what passes for news these days.

Having been in the U.S. Navy in a previous life, one thing you learn
quickly is to obey orders and if you do make disparaging remarks
about your superior commissioned and non-commissioned officers,
you absolutely do not make those remarks to those who will
then “tell on you” and if they do, the correct course of action
is to deny and obfuscate. While such a strategy may not be
”honorable” at least it might keep you out of the brig or from
scraping out the bilges!

Or from being forced to resign as the only option, other than
a public firing.
Folks, you often hear me talking about arrogance on
these pages. Now let me add, that it helps not to have a “tin ear” if
you plan on making some kind of idiotic comments that may get back
to the bosses. To me, these remarks made by staff and the general,
besides their content, smack of a totally arrogant sense of self,
”my way is the right way, what do those no- clue civilians know
in Washington, and especially our commander-in-chief”.
they obviously didn’t think those remarks would bother anybody or that
they even were insubordination, a cardinal rule you try not to be guilty
of while wearing the uniform, from top to bottom.

People, I have been tough on this president, even saying that “ I am done
with him.” But his action today, bold and decisive, and in keeping with our
civilian control of the military(something I have thought was eroding almost
beyond repair) speaks volumes about the ability of this president to
rise to the occasion when necessary, and the timing absolutely
is perfect, if you look from the context of whether in our souls, we
are in fact going to be a republic or if we will continue on the empire path.

I can’t help but think, how much better things would be if our president became
more engaged on other matters, dear to me and I believe some of my readers,
and I am referring to the responsibility for environmental stewardship. If he had
been more engaged from the “get go” maybe he would have did a more thorough
cleaning at Minerals Management possibly strengthening regulatory oversight
and forcing BP and others to play by the rules, in spirit and fact. Maybe this
disaster in the Gulf of Mexico might not have happened. Maybe he’ll see the light
and forever scrap plans to deep water drill in the Arctic. Who knows how things
might have turned out?

Perhaps he might have been open to the persuasive argument by those who say
why destroy the beautiful southwest deserts when there are plenty of rooftops and
worthless brownfields and other distressed land parcels closer to civilization and
the “end users and consumers” of power, instead of falling for the same old tired
”command and control” arguments from big power and big wind and big solar?

I don’t have the answers but I do see things perhaps from a different perspective
than those near the seats of government. A perspective untainted by exposure to
big money lobbyists and their ilk. And I believe my readers have this same capacity.

Why don’t you take the time out from lurking and participate in the discussion out
here on the backporch? The only requirement imposed by me the moderator is
civility. If I can put myself out there for public comment and/or possible ridicule even,
help me out, join the conversation.

I know I have readers, and I thank you for coming by. I am now asking you to participate,
by commenting and starting a sense of community here. I am not afraid to be criticized,
I confess to just being a bus driver, last night shuttling people from a parking lot
to Disneyland and back. But like most of you, I have done a lot of things in my life,
from having a first job as a cleanup guy in a pulpwood logging operation(I was too
skinny and not strong enough to handle a chain saw :-) to doing shipping and receiving
at IMagnun to working in the oil and gas industry as a gas pump attendant, to being
collector of the month my first month at a major bank, to being promoted to the foreign
currency trading desk at the same bank, only to crash and burn due to “wine, women, and song”--- I am not afraid to put myself out there, knowing that ridicule may result, it’s
okay I can handle it, and now I am asking you, my readership, to help with this insignificant
little backporch blog.

By trusting me with your input and participation, you will help keep me fresh and focused
on this endeavor, which I hope to continue with as long as I can type on these keys,
I just hope we can do it together as it does get lonely here at times.

Thanks for stopping by, hope to hear from you soon.

Vaya con dios my friends.



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