Monday, June 14, 2010

Further comments on the “Green Gold Rush” video.

After sleeping on it, what stays with me is how similar the representative
for BrightSource Energy was to the 2 rep’s from the environmental movement.
Sorry to ruffle any feathers, but heh, that’s what we do here on the backporch
sometimes. And by the way, I am not referring to the gentleman with the hat
who was out on the BrightSource Ivanpah site.

Let me make a point in a round about way. I feel the folks who run for public office
or who get jobs in the executive or legislative branches of all forms of government,
go into office with good intentions. I do not impugn their motives in any way, unlike
some of my friends and associates. But there is something about the process, the
money required to run for re-election, the open door policy to the well funded and
closed door to the rest of us mere mortals, something changes them over time.
Most go from idealists to jaded, it’s just a matter of time, it seems.

Scores of books and articles have been written about this, I really can’t add anything
new except I believe there is no cure or remedy for the mess we find ourselves
in. And now that our U.S. Supreme Court has struck down any limits on corporate
money, we are truly f-----. Big money trumps all including your free speech.

Getting back to the BrightSource shill in the video, he’s doing his job and that’s what
he makes the big bucks for doing. I thought referring only to his salesmanship, he did
a great job, he earned his money, whether I believe in his pitch or not. Having worked in sales a few times in my life and being the son of a man who they said “could talk sweet-
ness out of a cake”, I think I have the bonafides to make a judgement.

Now moving onto Mr. Zichella from the Sierra Club and the older lady, sorry no battery left in this laptop to re-watch the video, I believe they are wrong, I also believe many others
at the grassroots level agree they are wrong, and I believe that perhaps with the best
personal motives, they have fallen in with the system on this one.

I am not going to lambaste them as our governator and Bobby Kennedy Jr got from this
blog and a well deserved one at that, and I am not going to impugn their integrity either.
But I will say, that others like me and along with me, feel that this destroying the Mojave
now to save it later in the future will just mean the destruction of the Mojave now and
for the future, in human years, for all time. This follows as naturally as day follows
night. Anywhere we go with our earthmovers and asphalt, you can bet the rest of
”human civilization” will be following closely behind, you know- “fast food nation”.

Spend some time, oh ye of little faith, who don’t believe me or think I am perhaps over-
reacting, as I said before on this blog several times, go right into the lion’s den, to the BLM
Geocommunicator site, and look around the Mojave Desert, your eyes will cross or glaze
over once you see all the proposed “renewable energy” projects planned for our Mojave.
Those little xxx’s and /// of different colors mean something, they represent something real.
You can take this to the bank, those projects that get approved, and I think quite a few will,
mean that an awful lot of lives, plant and animal, and possibly human, will be disrupted, in
most cases snuffed out, forever in that location and in locations all over the Mojave leading
inexorably to habitat fragmentation, and the inevitable industrialization of this beautiful
and scenic area.

You want fries with that, buddy?

You see the glitch in Mr. Zichella’s argument for supporting these projects as a way to help
stop climate change is he says we will lose what was it, 20% of the species if we don’t
do something now, and I take that to mean, get started with these renewable projects on
desert land instead of taking our time, siting them on disturbed land or on rooftops,etc. We
will lose the species now, if we don’t act. In my opinion we’ll lose them from the damage
caused by these projects he supports, and in amounts greater than he mentioned, but it
will happen now not in the future, now.

Now getting back to sales and sales pitches, the main thing you must do is instill a sense
of urgency into the “mark”, I mean prospect. As the old crude saying goes back home
and sometimes out here on the backporch, you gotta make ‘em s—t or get off the pot!
Then they’ll buy and that’s exactly what they are trying to get us to do now. Gotta
act now, the federal stimulus dollars are going to expire!

How’s this for an idea? Let the federal $ expire, this is our California and our Mojave Desert, to hell with the bozos in Sacramento and Washington,as another
saying goes, they don’t know whether to s—t or go blind, and let’s take time
to do this right, to look into it further as once we start grading and blading, there
is no turning back!

You know without hardly a single exception, everytime in my life somebody said, you
gotta move now, gotta act now,etc- usually they were trying to sell me something I did not
want or need. Consider this folks, if these solar and wind plants and all their transmission
lines are such a sure fired money making deal, why the hell are we the taxpayers the
only chumps stupid enough to fall for the pitch? You don’t see Goldman Sachs or
J.P.Morgan funding these multi-billion $$$$$ projects do ya? You think they’d cut
us the taxpayers in if they were good deals? If you think that, then maybe the
Treasury will be paid back by AIG, don’t hold your breath on that one, either.

Nope, we are just the “marks” being setup just like on the great movie “The Sting”
being setup to take the fall as usual.