Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Great letter from a veteran about Mojave Desert and need to save it.

From an opinion piece in the San Bernadino Sun, surf over here for the piece.
Well worth reading!

My favorite lines from the article:

While we were deployed we dreamed of returning back to our homes near the California desert. This is a peaceful and tranquil place. Its vastness calmed the soul.

The California desert was also the perfect antidote to the stresses - both physical and mental - of war. We could take long drives out into remote areas, and hunt or hike without seeing another soul. “

I truly understand and appreciate the sentiment expressed here in those words. I’m sitting
here typing this and wishing so badly on my day off to be anywhere in the Mojave National
Preserve, anywhere but here in the big city.
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Pardon the melancholy folks, you deserve better.


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