Sunday, June 27, 2010

The latest from the Ivanpah Solar project courtesy of our tireless friends at Basin and Range Watch!

If our Mojave Desert could talk, I am sure it would be thanking Laura and Kevin and
the other fine folks at Basin and Range Watch for their tireless efforts on its’ behalf.
Evidently they have made yet another trek down to the Ivanpah site to check out the
BrightSource efforts to figure out how to drive the pilings into the ground at the 4,000
acre site which as you readers know is full of ephemeral, flash flood washes. This is
a fact that I am intimately familiar with as well, as those of you who read my trip reports
to this site know. Below is one of the countless ephemeral washes onsite:
ivanpahfieldtrip 006

Unfortunately for BrightSource and Bechtel this site lies downstream from Clark Mountain
and the flash floods rush along carrying rocks and boulders after the rains come, and
these rains will cause floods, no matter if 240,000 heliostatic mirrors are downstream in
the way.

Here is the report about their visit to check on the “piledriving” progress:

For those of you who are new to this site or just want to update or refresh your knowledge,
I suggest you check out these links, also from our friends at Basin and Range Watch:
The above link is to many pages which outline their comments to the final draft report.
This gives a lot of valuable information. Also below is the Ivanpah updates page which
is chockfull of info:

And one of my personal favorites of all the many, many pages of information on their

The above link is entitled”Last spring at Ivanpah?”

Again for those of you new to this site or this issue, you can also check out my trip report

And again that month here:

And here:

I guarantee you, my readers, that if you research all of the above links, especially the
ones from Basin and Range Watch, you will know more about this issue than 99.9% of
the people in the United States, and I am including the policy makers both corporate
and government in that figure, as well as the talking heads you hear, read, and see
in the corporate media.
ivanpah032410hike 032

Enjoy, and go forth in the knowledge that you will know as much or more than most of
your fellow citizens. And please tell a friend, please pass this on, the Ivanpah Valley
and the Mojave Desert sure can use more friends like you.