Sunday, June 20, 2010

So after getting taxpayers to guarantee their “high risk” solar and wind projects, they have the nerve to say the rent is too high!

Amazing but true. Uncle Sam is now, in effect, being accused of jacking up the rent
for the millions of acres of our land, wanted by these renewable energy firms, for
the “right of ways” to develop their energy potential.

In addition to the rent which is for the “row’s”, the federal government will also be assessing
a megawatt production fee which varies depending on the energy production technology
and whether or not the energy can be stored for electrical generation when it’s dark
for example.

This has got those same firms, some multinationals, who went racing, applications, in hand
for the stimulus bucks and the loan guarantees, now screaming and moaning like cats
getting their tails mashed.
What theatre!

I guess they thought that the billion $ loan guarantees aren’t enough, might as well get the
land rent free as well. After all, those saps,the taxpayers are willing to do what no other
entity is willing to do, fund these way out in the middle of nowhere, outrageously expensive
boondoggles, why not get them to forgo rent.

A very undignified spat may be building up between the wind and solar folks also. The
Dept of the Interior and BLM are charging 1$ a year for the lease rights per acre for wind
development. Another great example of our “betters”, the government bureaucrats at work.
I guess if I was one of these solar geniuses, I’d be ticked off about that, too.

Let me see if I get this. These solar and wind producers will get the properties at what I
consider “rock bottom” prices when you consider the damage to the land and the plants
and animals on it, they’ll use it for about 30 years and leave it, a scar on the land, making
money selling the power, with the tax payer footing the bill if something goes wrong or if
the capital markets tank, and they have the nerve to bitch about the rent they’re going to

You see folks, it’s obvious that these projects wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell
of getting funded without the help of our federal government. Nobody on Wall Street wants
a damned thing to do with these projects, they are only interested now because the taxpayers will be assuming all the risk here. Just as with the bankers, who instead of being
given the horse whipping they so richly deserved, instead were feted with the public’s largess and went on the dole, taking the “blood money” from the Federal Reserve and the
U.S. Treasury, and now strut around even more arrogant than before the crash, we will now be seeing the same thing played out with these “masters of the renewable energy

Though the players are different, the plot stays the same. The difference being we, the taxpayers and electric utility ratepayers, will again receive the same screwing as before,
without apology or even a thoughtful word or gesture.

I guess I forgot that we are supposed to feel like we are sacrificing for the good of the country per our teacher-in-chief.

Silly me.


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