Thursday, June 24, 2010

So the Ivanpah Airport may not happen, first of several mega projects to fail?

See the article from the Las Vegas paper here:

And see Chris Clarke’s post at Coyote Crossing from 2008 on what this airport
would destroy:

The newspaper article says the project has been put on hold due to declining passenger
counts at Mccarran Airport and due to planned improvements at that airport as well.

Let me spell out what the article does not say. By the way, this is free analysis from
that great unknown financial and political prognosticator “Morongobill”.

The Las Vegas, Nevada area is in the midst of an economic depression, no ifs, ands,
or buts about it.
It was ground zero for the great American housing boom and bust, virtually leading the nation in foreclosures and empty houses. Unemployment has sky-
rocketed along with homelessness. The construction industry is on life support. Gaming
is suffering as well. If you thought the Vegas slots were tough before, I hear now they are
as “tight as bark on a tree.”

You know when the bottom drops out under you, it’s amazing how you learn to adapt.
All of a sudden, Mccarran airport has a new lease on life. Maybe the old girl has a few
more good years left in her. It’s easier to add on there than to spend $4 BILLION out in
the boondocks.

Now here is something you may not have heard. My understanding is the majority of the
money to build the boondoggle I mean the Ivanpah Airport was to come from Dubai.
Guess what, Dubai’s economy has almost tanked due to real estate investments gone bad
among other things and they can’t go through with this commitment!

This is absolutely fantastic news to this blogger! This means, at least for a few years, the
incredible industrialization of the north Ivanpah Valley won’t happen, at least that caused
by the airport. The Mojave National Preserve won’t be under the flight paths for probably
at least another decade. And it gives us, those who oppose this industrialization, more time
to try to stop it, once and for all.

I am sure if they could, the wildlife such as the desert tortoises would thank us, I seem to
remember Senor Tortuga saying something about it when I met him at the BrightSource
Ivanpah Project site in April of this year ;-) The plants due to be bladed and graded would
thank us to if they could.

As I have said several times on this blog, we who oppose these projects may have an
ally in the capital markets as well. Money and credit seem to have dried up except for
absolutely the best deals, and this isn’t one of them, when you lose your major funder and
at the same time, your economic base is cratering.

So now let me address the grizzled old lions of the environmental movement who are up
in the air on saving the deserts, especially in this area. We can win this battle, baby. We
may be in a stronger position than we think. With the worldwide financial system freezing
up in front of our very noses, maybe these projects aren’t as sure a thing to get done as
was originally thought. You know, if you read Shogun that Lord Toranaga won in the
end after masterfully playing for time.
There is a lesson there for us if we want to
open our eyes, ears, and hearts and minds.

All you need is time to plan your next move, let events play out, and at the exact right time
shut a project down in the court system. Perhaps by the time the case winds through,
financing will have dried up, public support for the renewable energy projects out in
the boonies could dry up especially if you unleashed your PR machine and pointed out
all the good and right reasons for building said projects closer in on abandoned land or
the rooftops, etc etc.

And don’t forget our vaunted federal government that is supposed to offer these loan
guarantees to get the projects built, you know the same old guv’ment that left the
crooks in charge at Minerals Management and now are stuck with the environmental
disaster of our lifetime’s. The same old guv’ment that is now going to allow BP to deep-
water drill in the Arctic if we don’t stop them? WE NEED TO ACT LIKE WE GOT A
PAIR! Comprende? Take our government back from the well-heeled and yes,
take the environmental movement back to the grassroots where it gets its’
heart and soul from.

We need to stop the nonsense now, stop these ridiculous, expensive boon-doggles now and get to the business of solving our own economic woes here
at home and stick our nose back in our own business before someone or
somebody snatches it right off our faces.

All we need is time and to look in the mirror at ourselves.

Then buck it up and get back in the trenches for the next round.

These people really have no idea who they’re messing with if we gather our
resolve and courage.