Saturday, June 12, 2010

Watch this video, best I’ve seen on the desert and the “renewable energy land rush”!

Many thanks to Chris Clarke over at the DesertBlog for the Desert Protective Council
for bringing it to our attention, see his article here:

May I just say first how impressed I am with the production of this short video. I am
especially pleased with how they managed to allow the sheer size and scope of the
BrightSource Ivanpah location to come out on this small video. Obviously I, as said
many times by myself here, am no videographer, but Ms. Carr’s work here allows
the beauty of the location to shine here on the small screens of our laptops and
desktops. Great work!

The film-makers interviewed several of the movers and shakers in the solar industry and the environmental movement, and regardless of my own personal feelings about those folks, this was really fine journalism.

Folks, if you never look at this site again, or if you are a regular here on the backporch,
please do not leave without watching this short 6 minute video.

Thanks for visiting the backporch.


P.S. I will have more thoughts on this video and the situation facing our deserts in the future. For now. I am just going to watch it a few more times and maybe even learn how
to produce a video ;-)