Thursday, June 17, 2010

“What the world needs now” is for Ken Salazar to be fired asap!

Music lovers, I apologize for messing with the lyrics of a great song.

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Subject: Groups begin call for ouster of interior secretary Salazar

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Groups begin call for ouster of interior secretary Salazar
By Dennis Webb =

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 =

More than 100 scientists and environmental groups have signed a letter a=
sking President Barack Obama to request the resignation of Interior Secr=
etary Ken Salazar, while other leading conservation organizations contin=
ue to strongly support Salazar.

WildEarth Guardians, which circulated the letter, contended in a news re=
lease Monday that the actions of the former U.S. senator from Colorado h=
aven't matched his tough talk about being "the new sheriff in town."

"Mr. Salazar's failure to clean up Interior is why we're seeing the mess=
in the Gulf," Nicole Rosmarino of WildEarth Guardians said in the relea=
se. "We need serious mopping up within this department, and it should st=
art with Salazar leaving."

But Steve Torbit, regional executive director of the National Wildlife F=
ederation, said he thinks Salazar has "done more in a balanced way" than=
any Interior secretary in at least a quarter century.

He said he understands that some organizations think Salazar might not b=
e addressing their particular area of emphasis as they would like. But h=
e added, "You wonder if their vision is clear, if they really can see ev=
erything that's going on and are connected to what's going on."

The WildEarth Guardians letter says the Obama administration has failed =
to clean up the scandal-plagued Minerals Management Service it inherited=
when Obama took office, and that the agency has continued to show a "re=
ckless lack of oversight" of the oil and gas industry. The letter also c=
riticized Interior's granting of at least 27 exemptions from federal law=
s for drillers in the Gulf in the aftermath of the explosion of the BP w=
ell there.

The letter says Salazar's talk of needing to confront a climate change c=
risis is belied by his granting of major coal leases in Wyoming and Mont=
ana and disputing the crisis in court filings. It also questions his del=
aying endangered species protection for 300 species and agreeing to remo=
ve protections for gray wolves in much of the Northern Rockies.

Some of those who signed the letter had opposed Salazar's appointment to=
the job.

"I don't think that Ken Salazar has ever been an environmental reformer =
and we think that President Obama should have made a better choice back =
in 2009," Rosmarino said in an interview.

Many of those signing the letter represent smaller, more regional conser=
vation groups. Some, such as the Wolf Recovery Foundation, promote preda=
tor species, while several advocate on behalf of wild horses, which Inte=
rior manages.

Steve Smith, assistant regional director of the Wilderness Society, said=
calls for Salazar's resignation serve as a distraction to the work bein=
g done by public officials at a critical time.

"When talking about Ken Salazar in particular, this kind of distraction =
goes to the level of ridiculous," he said.

He said Salazar brings "fairness and inclusiveness and bipartisanship" t=
hat is badly needed at a time of anger and divisiveness in politics.

Smith said he also is frustrated by the Gulf spill and by public land da=
mage from oil and gas development, and his group will keep pushing Salaz=
ar for better protections.

Nevertheless, "We just need to find affirmative approaches for dealing w=
ith that rather than hunting for scapegoats," he said.

Rosmarino said Salazar's job isn't to balance divergent interests, but t=
o enforce environmental laws.

In a written response to the WildEarth Guardians letter, Interior spokes=
woman Kendra Barkoff said, "The Secretary is devoting 100 percent of his=
time to the fight to protect the Gulf Coast from BP's oil spill and wil=
l not rest until the leak is stopped, the affected communities are made =
whole, and the Gulf Coast is restored."

The Independent Petroleum Association of Mountain States declined to com=
ment on the letter. The group expressed some support for Salazar upon hi=
s appointment but since has criticized changes he has implemented regard=
ing oil and gas development on public lands.
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-------------------end of quoted article from the list serv-------------------------

Yes, he has been “fair and balanced” all right- to the renewable energy and
oil and gas, and mining interests. If he gets any more “fair and balanced”
there won’t be a square foot of government owned land without a derrick or
wind turbine or heliostatic mirror on it or within eyesight of it.

As to the above “ the Secretary is devoting 100 percent of his time to the fight
to protect the Gulf Coast from BP’s oil spill” let me say that should read “from BP’s
and our Dept of Interior& Minerals and Management’s oil spill, in part due to
the lack of any real, strong regulation of the oil industry in the Gulf or anywhere
else for that matter”

Such incompetence whether by design or just flat out not being able to do the job
seems to be “de rigueur” nowadays in government and business at all levels. It seems
to be rewarded by our “leaders” probably because they don’t feel threatened by such
obvious bumpkins working under them. And the result is the situation we’re facing

From the oil soaked Gulf of Mexico to the soon to be gone unspoiled deserts of the southwestern United States, there seems to be no end to this sheer incompetence
inflicted upon us. From the “masters of the universe” astride Wall Street who just two
years ago came “hat in hand” to suck at the “hind teat” of the taxpayer, and now treat
us like the sorry “pieces of s---“ they so obviously think we are, to the same “government
leaders” who bailed those bumbling bankers because they were “too big to fail”, it’s
the same old story- arrogance, incompetence, and hanging it all on somebody else down
the road.

It’s not the American dream anymore, it’s the “American Nightmare” which, by our own government and corporate shenanigans, we have foisted off not only to ourselves and
our heirs, but to the rest of the world as well.

Sorry to pick on you Kenny, but you need to go. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Once you’re gone maybe we can start working on the rest of the deadwood
surrounding you in Sacramento and Washington, DC.

If this sounds personal, you’re right, it is. This clown singlehandedly if he has his
way will do more damage to the Mojave than all the rest in history combined have
managed to do. If you don’t believe me ask those poor folks down in the Gulf
region- a little regulation might have prevented the catastrophe there which has
probably destroyed their way of life forever.

Somebody has to walk the plank, the buck stops right at Kenny’s desk.

Good bye and good riddance.


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