Friday, July 16, 2010

Found some missing photos, maybe someone can help me identify location?

These were found on an IBM microdrive in the .orf format so they were probably taken with my Olympus E-10 digital slr, probably at least 5 years ago.
microdrive 046

I am wondering if they were taken on 395, beyond Ridgecrest?
microdrive 047

microdrive 038

I believe when these photos were taken, I was still employed by the chemical company
so they were probably taken on my way up to do the Vons markets in Bishop or Mammoth.
microdrive 034

I am sitting in my big bus waiting a few hours for a group to get out of Wild Rivers
in Irvine, got at least 3 hours more to wait, no wifi available, looking at these photos
sure makes me feel antsey. Ready to head north back up to this area, where ever
it may be.
microdrive 045

If you have the opportunity to head out of the big city and see the countryside,
take it. You may not get another chance for a while.

Hope to see you out on the road.


P.s. Speaking of missing photos, have you ever taken a set that you knew were
just perfect, dramatic, great lighting, interesting subject matter, then misplace the
disk you saved them to?

This happened to me, a few days ago I found a photo I took which reminded me of
the rest of the missing photos. Several years ago, near Amarillo, I came upon the Cadillac ranch where the old caddies are buried nose into the dirt in a row, the sky was ominous
with blackening clouds, the cars were graffitied in different colors, I took an awesome
set of photos. Burned them to a cd and they slipped from my memory.

One day I will tear my Joshua Tree storage apart for that cd.
archivecd19 057

On the other hand, if I don’t have an empty the storage sale, maybe not.