Saturday, July 31, 2010

I am breaking my vow to never talk about my day job.

Quite honestly, driving a bus is usually pretty boring, but occasionally you
get surprised. Today was one of those times.

Last night I reported to the bus yard at 2145 or 9:45 pm for a 3 bus move- a
charter. We ended up heading up to the Adelanto/Victorville area- to the old
George Air Force Base now a logistics airport where we waited about 5 hours
or so for the planes to arrive with our passengers, soldiers in the United States
Army needing a ride to the Ft Irwin army base.

I must say these were really nice young people, very courteous and hard working,
and about the quietest passengers I have ever carried on my bus in 4 years of
driving. I was proud to drive them up. They all had their weapons with them, unloaded,
and I must also say I felt like the safest bus driver, no worries at all with that kind of
firepower available.

However, on the ride to and from the fort on Ft. Irwin Rd I saw many, many roadside
white crosses planted in the roadside with dates on each cross, symbolizing someone
losing their life in car accidents on that road. What a lonely place to die. There were
at least 18 crosses just on one side of the road, the side going back to the freeway.
I didn’t count the ones on the side going to the fort.

To the army’s credit, the base has pulled out all stops for safety- with signs saying how
many accidents so far this year(no fatalities) and signs proclaiming it to be a dui free zone.
By the main guard entrance, they had a vehicle there all wrecked with a sign saying
an infant had died and someone was paralyzed as well in the crash, I believe the year before. If only the state and localities would put up more signs, it might help cut down the
carnage on the roads.

I talked with a couple of the soldiers off the bus when we got there and told them about
my close call with the errant target shooters last week, they told me if it was a 223 round
like someone told me, it was a good thing that it missed. I guess I may have used up
one of my 9 lives.

All in all, it was a great day. I must say I am exhausted, having not slept at all last night.

I would like to leave you and them with this fervent wish. I hope and pray that they don’t
have shots fired at them in anger, but I know the odds are not good for some of them.
I just wish we weren’t involved overseas in a war that I fear will end a lot of these young
lives, before they even have a chance to experience that life. 


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