Friday, July 23, 2010

Morongobill goes on a hike, almost gets shot.

Yesterday, July 22, I hiked down the canyon at the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve,
made it all the way to Indian Avenue where I ended up hitch-hiking back up to
where I left the morongomobile at the preserve’s parking lot.

I am working on a trip report which may come out over the weekend.

After the 3.5 mile marker sign and around where the canyon doglegs right, I heard gunfire
which sounded to this old Georgia boy, like from a rifle. I was doing a voice recording on
my cell phone at the time about my hike, I ended up making 2 recordings about 5 minutes apart.

Sorry but I am unable to insert these audio files here and Youtube won’t take them either. Hopefully at some point I will be able to figure this out.However they are in Real Audio format, amr, and are around 120 kb each, if anyone wants to hear them, shoot me an email and I will email the 3 I made to you for your listening pleasure.

Folks, I will be putting out a trip report with the videos and photos soon. But today I want
to share a couple of things with you while they are fresh in my memory from yesterday.
Parents, it is imperative that if you own a gun or if your kid owns a gun, the kids must be trained in their use. I don’t mean in a fancy class somewhere, I mean the parent, mom or dad, taking the child out and showing them how to operate them, how to clean them, if they
want to do target shooting, the importance of shooting with a back stop behind the

Rifles and pistols are tools, their business and purpose is death, death, death, you got it?

You know when I heard those shots yesterday, I knew I had no choice but to walk toward them. No way I could turn around and do a strenuous 3.5 miles back uphill running low on
water in 100 degree+ sunshine. My hope was they were shooting in a side canyon. But
when I made it around that last dogleg turn and the canyon opened up wide and the gun
shots rang out again, my thoughts were do I duck down in the bushes and get shot like
an animal or walk out upright in the open like a man.

So I walked out in the open and that’s when the bullet went by me. I raised my right hand and waved it over my head, yelling “stop shooting, stop shooting, hiker coming through”
and there were no more shots. I could see what looked like a dark Jeep Cherokee or
similar parked to the right and a teenager getting into it, looking back at me. I walked right
toward them and the Jeep took off but stopped as the driver kept trying to get his door to close. He actually stopped again as the door wouldn’t close, finally he got it closed and the
Jeep with the 2 passengers took off down to Indian Avenue where they turned left toward
Desert Hot Springs and vanished.

When I got to the road, I stuck my thumb out and the 6th vehicle stopped and took me all the way to my car. The truck was driven by a young christian man, Randy, the nicest guy you’d ever want to meet and when I explained what just happened, he apologized to me for
it. I told him I used to live out here and know how good most of the people are out in the area.

When I got back to my office, the donut shop, in Anaheim, someone told me I’d probably
be jumpy every time I heard a truck backfire, I replied no but that bullet sound going by you,
that sound I was sure I’d never forget.



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