Friday, July 30, 2010

Now here's a great example of micro-power generation, plus major rant!

On July 27, 2010, the City of Corona, California unveiled the first grid connected solar powered bus shelter in the nation.The system generates a little over a kilowatt of AC POWER, with the excess unused power
being put into the local power grid. The system was designed , sold, and installed by a local company, Solade Concepts, using products from Go Green Solar out of Los Angeles.

It was pointed out that the power generated will help offset the electrical costs of the city's traffic signals. To pay for it, the system should qualify for the federal tax rebates for renewable energy and possibly rebates from the power company.

This is really a fantastic idea folks. There must be hundreds of thousands of bus shelters in the state of California. Why hasn't somebody jumped on this already. Here we have all these renewable energy firms
staking claims all over the desert to build these hugely expensive boondoggles hundreds of miles from their power customers, an absolute waste of taxpayer money, a project even an investment banker wouldn't touch, if it wasn't for the saps putting up the dough and taking all the risks, and here we
have existing bus shelters, all right near the grid, just ready to be hooked up with these micro power systems, and ready to start generating power and profits!
To me, it's a no-brainer.

Take an existing cash draining, depreciating asset of which you have hundreds of thousands. Get your highly paid government bureaucrats, thousands available and all sweating a load wondering when the budget cutting ax is going to drop, harness that desire to save their bacon in anyway possible, with this idea, add the utility cash back rebates and the 30% federal tax credit, and you got a prescription for megawatts of local AC power going directly into the grid. Heh, since the feds are willing to piss away all that money down a mojave ground squirrel hole hundreds of miles away, why not get a few of those OBAMA BUCKS and put them to really productive use in a way that sure looks profitable to this wizened old blogger.

Why stop here in California? There literally must be millions of bus shelters all the country that could benefit from this technology. Think of all the local jobs generated for installation and subsequent maintenance.
 Think of all the dollars going into the coffers of local small businesses. You know the ones the political hacks cry a river over, while behind their backs, they're sending the contracts to the giant big money firms with the high dollar lobbyists. Those small businesses, the ones that are literally drying up and dying right in front of our tired and jaded eyes.

 This is truly a great idea. So great that perhaps even the hacks and bureaucrats can't screw it up.


Warning- major rant coming.

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This is not how I intended this post to look or to be laid out. This software is absolutely the buggiest, piece of crap software that I have ever used in 25+ years computing. What garbage! I decided to use it, hell I don't know what came over me, this is the last time I'll use it. Google is an okay blog host but their software sets new records daily for being some of the worst on the planet. If you don't believe me, ask some of the Google Earth users out there, how often their software has totally disappeared completely from their systems, with no notice, like it never was installed on their systems.

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