Saturday, July 17, 2010

Oh now it’s an entitlement? The government doesn’t want to pay back the 2.5TRILLION $ it took from “our” social security trust fund!

Anybody out there remember that great classic movie, “The Cincinnatti Kid?” I am
referring to the climactic scene at the end where Yancey(Edward G. Robinson) draws
the one card needed to get his royal flush, wiping out “The Kid”(Steve Mcqueen),
gutting and breaking him. The Kid had no money so he asked if Yancey would take his marker. Let’s see if I remember that famous line, “you’re good kid, damn good, but as
long as I am around, you’re second best and you’d better learn to live with it.”

That’s basically where the American working class, meaning anyone who paid into
the social security system is right now. We let the ruling class gamble with our
social security trust fund, they lost the money, but having no honor, they refuse
to pick up their marker.
Remember during Reagan’s term when they raised the fica
tax on everybody? This increase was to ensure the future solvency of the system and
would have, if the money had been left in the fund and invested safely.

But of course, here in Amerika, nothing is ever left laying somewhere collecting interest,
as long as politicians of either persuasion are around to “rob the till.”  That 2.5 trillion $ if left unmolested would be worth over 8 trillion $ today. Would 8 trillion $ help out today
in this depression? You bet it would!

Unfortunately our politicians of both stripes, actually they should be called polecats because they have one stripe like a skunk, took every damn penny out of the fund and
left a marker, which is due now, and they don’t want to pickup their marker. To paraphrase
Mr Joseph P. kennedy, Sr.- the politicians are sons of bitches and can’t be trusted.

Their dishonesty and perfidy know no bounds. And the gall, the arrogance! Now
they want to try to convince us that to save social security, we who paid in must accept
less in benefits, and work much longer to get them. Why the hell should we? We’re
not the ones who took the money from the trust fund and left the marker. We paid
in and trusted the government to do what it always had, invest the money wisely
and have the money on hand when the call came in. Well the call has come and
the elites aren’t answering. They’re too busy writing up tomorrow’s talking
points about the greedy seniors and their “entitlements.”

Folks this isn’t an entitlement. We bought and paid for this. But someone else spent the
money like drunken sailors, actually far worse than that, and they have the unmitigated
gall to accuse us of expecting welfare entitlements! In the old days, they would have
been horse whipped, tarred and feathered, and then ridden out on a rail. But nowadays
we live in a more enlightened world where they fight the charges to the bitter end, then
read a lawyer’s statement of regret, and go on a book tour.

I don’t know how many times, I have heard people say that social security wouldn’t be
around for them when it was time to stop working. I always assured them, of course, it
will be there, you’re worrying too much.

Now, I realize that perhaps subconsciously they might have been on to something.

Remember when baby Bush was president and he tried to “privatize social security?”
In hindsight it’s beginning to look like that campaign was the stalking horse for the
real future attempt to get out of picking up that marker.
The monied elites, not
satisfied till they get their last pound of flesh out of the “wage slaves”, learned lessons
from that failed attempt, lessons which I fear will help them immensely this time around.

People, we are fighting with one hand tied behind our backs. The other side controls
the corporations including the news media, the Congress, the executive branch including
our “teacher-in-chief” who’s already working on his speech telling us why we will need
to sacrifice, the court system. all the levers of power.

As T.R. would say, “Bully, we got them right where we want them!”

Folks, we have right on our side, this issue is simple, they stole from us, we want
the money back, with interest. And we won’t settle for anything less.

Let’s go out there and start kicking some behinds- when you hear some talking
head going on about sacrifices, call in to the radio or tv show, and ask them- what about
the money taken from the trust fund? What’s the repayment schedule? Write a letter to the
editor in your local town. Comment on articles on the New York Times, etc. Look, I am no
brain surgeon, if I can be published at the N.Y.Times, so can you! Comment on blogs
such as this one, one of literally millions out there.

If you think this can be won in the main stream media, you’re dead wrong! They’re
part of the problem. I believe this will have to be a grass roots effort, and trust me-
if we win this one, we will have given them an ass kicking, one the likes of, they’ll
never forget.

Now before you go out and kick some  ass, why don’t you peruse these articles

I am Morongobill, your host, and I welcome your comments here at my little corner, my
backporch on the net. I intend to fight, it would be nice to have you at my back, fighting with me.

Fight on!

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