Monday, July 5, 2010

A sad day at the backporch.

Orvalynn Mcdonald passed away last night in Phenix City,
Alabama. She was married to my father until he succumbed to illness
a few years ago.

She had been in bad health recently and had just been moved from a
hospital to the rehab home, for what was supposed to be a stay of a couple
weeks or so. But that was not to be.

As I have stated on this blog recently, times are hard in the bus driving business
and I will not be able to make the trip back home for the funeral.

But I remember a recent conversation we had about this and other things, and I
know she would have wanted me to visit under happier circumstances. My main
regret is that, sometime after my father, Curtis Mcdonald, passed away, I told Lynn
that one day I’d fly her out to Las Vegas and we’d visit at the Goldstrike Casino in
Jean, Nevada and I’d take her for a ride out at the Mojave National Preserve- alas
that never happened, due to mainly financial reasons.

There is a lot to be said for moving across the country and starting a new life, a
drawback is you are far away when something goes on back home. So you either
need to become rich or pray you got your act together, if the call comes. Neither
is true in my case, and hasn’t been for a couple of years or longer.

Lynn was a good person, loved our father, and was there for him when he had his
strokes, one of which paralyzed him on one side. With virtually no cartilage left
in her spinal cord in places due to degenerative disease and in intense pain at
times, she was able to care for him, including lifting his 180 lbs up, until he went to
rehab center in Warm Springs, Georgia for treatment and assessment of his condition.
After his release, she continued the care until finally a nurse was approved to come out and help her.

I thank the Lord for Lynn helping my father and being there for him, and I hope that
her sacrifice for him, as well as her good nature will be remembered on that Day of

I met Lynn the first time when she flew out with my father and they stayed a month with me
at my house in Morongo Valley. They also came out for another month later on.
I’ll never forget how she showed me how to get a fire going in my wood heater, it got
tropical almost, it was so hot. I could barely get a flame going in the stove, being a city boy.
And it was amazing to see how she could get a roadrunner to come up to her and take
some hamburger meat from her hand outside, when they’d sit out under the mesquite tree.

I’ll close with this photo of them in happier times back home.
archivecd18 195

Rest in peace, Lynn and Pop. Hope to see you again one day.



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