Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Satellite view of my old house in the desert … and a true story!

Street address edited out with a free program,, to throw
off the paparazzi looking for Morongobill.

Here is a photo of the house followed by the satellite view from Google Earth.
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ScreenHunter_01 Jul. 28 19.49

I remember when the first winter was coming on that I spent in Morongo Valley.
With two woodstoves in the house, a priority was to buy firewood. So I looked
in the local paper for suppliers, called up, and bought a half a cord of wood.
We agreed on a price and they said leave a check out under the front door mat
and I said leave the wood stacked by the front wall of the house under the eaves.
Sure, no problem.

When I came home that night the first thing I saw was wood, a huge pile, dumped out
about 20 feet from the house, near that giant rock in the dirt. It took about an hour of
bent over lifting and carrying to stack all that wood by the front of the house, cursing
with every load until I ran out of energy to curse.

My back was jacked up for days.

After that, I never presumed to tell a local tradesman how to do their job.



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