Thursday, July 1, 2010

That’s it, I’m outta there! Bye Bye to the Sierra Club desert mailing list!

Just fired off an unsubscribe to the Sierra Club desert news list and got
this form letter in reply:

We are sorry to see that you're leaving the CONS-CNRCC-DESERT-FORUM
discussion list.  If there is anything you think would help us make the list
more useful or if you have any other ideas for the list or for the CNRCC
Desert Committee would you please take a few moments and send a message to
the committee chair at this address?
Thanks.  Elden Hughes, Chair, CNRCC Desert Committee

Since half of the time my posts don’t get published, I have decided to
reply via my blog.
Begin open letter to listserv manager.

Dear Mr. Hughes,

I thank you for providing this forum with news about the issues facing the
Mojave and other deserts, as well as letting me contribute in a small way
to the ongoing discussion about those issues. I have appreciated the
valuable insight and information I have received as well as the collegial
nature of the group which has been a welcome respite to me and others,
a collegial atmosphere which I am afraid has vanished within the group

It has always annoyed me that sometimes, actually most times, the messages
get clipped somehow and without fail, the posts of special interest to this
blogger are the ones usually clipped. But now it seems, I am going to call a
spade a spade here, provocateurs are slipping into the mix. First we had a
troll who tried to start problems with everyone and who was given the quick boot,
and now we have someone, obviously net savvy, who appears to be high-jacking
this group. And so far, this person who calls his self “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”
are winning the fight for this group. I am not going to dignify the troll or trolls by
spelling out their odious name.

All I know is I have seen an awful lot of that person’s posts recently on this forum
and quite frankly, I am sick of it. Having been on the net for decades, I have seen how
a troll or malcontent can come in and take over a group, and I am not going to
be part of it. Let me add before I forget, most of the posts are off-topic coming from
this individual or individuals.

Good luck dealing with this and best wishes for the list.

End of open letter to the Listserv manager.

I wondered how long it would be before the other side got smart and decided to
try to muddy up the waters. Evidently not long at all. Hopefully the Sierra Club will
wake up and clean up this group. I hope so as it once provided an excellent forum
for discussion of vital issues facing the deserts.

We’ll see what happens. I wish them well.



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