Friday, July 2, 2010

You ready to whip out the old plastic and start jumpstarting the economy? Watch these videos before you make the plunge.

These videos are about our economic situation. I recommend you view this link
first then watch the videos.

Here is the second video:

These videos are from these links:^DJI,^GSPC,BP,XLF,SPY,DIA,XLE

Basically they’re telling us what we already know, that the economy has gone to hell
in a handbasket, and it ain’t getting better any time soon, no matter what the
administration and corporate types try to tell us. Remember, most of these clowns
didn’t even know we were in a housing bubble and the same ones told us real
estate always goes up, never down. Remember the Dutch tulip bubble from

On a micro-economic level, after watching these videos and mentally checking them
against what you feel about things, are you ready to go buy that Mercedes Benz, or
that summer home?

On a macro-economic level, do you think your servants- the politicians and bureaucrats, ought to keep throwing that foreigner funded credit card down
on the table, laying it down as Bono sang, which unfortunately, you, me, and
God knows how many generations into the future, will be paying the bill for?
Makes me think of that song lyric,”if you try to walk, we’ll tax your feet.”

I am fervently hoping that these “renewable energy boondoggles way out in
the desert set in pristine wilderness, will be the first ones kicked to the curb
when the capital markets force our “servants” to their senses.

Again, I leave you with this thought, if the BrightSource, or Tessarra projects for
example are such sure fire deals, why aren’t the sharks in the venture capital
and investment banks fighting over who will sew these deals up?HMMMMM?
I’ll tell you the dirty little secret:

Only those “masters of the universe” running our government
are willing to “put your skin in the game by hanging it all on you,
the taxpayer”.You will take all the losses and I guarantee those
same vc’s and ib’s will take any and all profits.

Remember that famed financier, Billy Ray Valentine, said it best when he told the Duke
brothers, they were like bookies making it on both sides of the deal, that’s what I’m
talking about. We’re just the chump, the mark, ready to be rolled.

You see folks, it’s like this. Say, I had picked up a few of those “road apples” I came across
on any of my desert trips. And I put them in a nice box with satin paper covering them, and
wrapped the box with the most expensive wrapping and bows, “whee, doggies, that’s a
nice looking box!” But anyone with a sense of smell would sure know that something was
stinking to high heaven, kinda like these “renewable energy deals such as
Ivanpah”. Know matter how much you “gussy”them up, they’re still crappy deals
for the taxpayers.
ivanpahfieldtrip 011

Trust your senses folks. Yes these deals are too good to be true for everyone-
except you and I, the poor saps that’ll be stuck on the hook for the rest of our
lives, long after the politicians, energy lobbyists, etc have taken the train out of town, one step ahead of the mob with the pitchforks.

In case you’re new here, a first-timer, don’t get the wrong idea. All of these energy schemes
(scheme used as the Brit’s use it) are not bad ideas, not at all, just the ones that the only thing going for them is that Uncle Sam is the only one stupid enough to guarantee it.


Don’t ask me how this video is on twice, sorry I can’t delete it. Don’t click on it.