Friday, August 27, 2010

An anonymous comment really got me thinking that maybe we should start playing offense for a change!

You can find the comment and the post here. Or you can read it below:

Anonymous said...

Bill, Nary a fret, tis only but a minor infraction that 99.9% have shared in.
You, as a voice in the wilderness are plenty redeemed--but PV should and very well may be in your future--indeed most roofs in the west...
The hoisting of the trespasser upon their parabolic/diabolic gadgetry is too gentle a fate, an eternal punishment is much more fitting as the creatures silent screams testify.
Meanwhile a rare opportunity seems to have arisen to throw sand in the gears of the Remote Renewable Energy boondoggle.
Two hours of "outsider input" has been allotted for the next RETI "stakeholder steering committee" meeting: Sept 8, 9-5 pm. As one who has followed the RETI charade, I can tell you that this rarely occurs. Voices in the wilderness and allies PLEASE unite, inundate and deluge the culprits' schemes with protest of their fake representative and false 4 profit process--demand accountability and comparative analyses of local distributed generation and true representation to save what remains!
While the official agenda for the September 8, 9-5 proceeding has yet to be posted. There is typically provision for remote participation(toll free telephone and webinar connection) posted at RETI's website:
Please organize and stay tuned for the official agenda.
Meanwhile, from a RETI internal communication:
The RETI Stakeholder Steering Committee will meet next on September 8 at the CPUC’s Golden Gate room in SF from 10-5.
RETI has been asked to play a larger role to help integrate California and Western regional planning efforts.
To discuss how best to proceed, the last two hours of the SSC meeting 9/8 will be open to participation and discussion by non-SSC members interested in regional coordination of planning activities.
Hope you will be able to attend, and please send me any suggestions of topics for discussion that you may have.
Rich Ferguson, PhD
RETI Coordinator

August 22, 2010 12:32 PM

Now here is what I intend to do. Notice that I am telegraphing my punch. I will log in via web
or phone at the time mentioned above, having read the “official agenda for the meeting”
before hand, and when my time comes, if it comes,I am going to demand that they
replace the “people’s interest representative”, a Mizz Johanna Wald from the Natural Resources Defense Council, a noted “carbonmentalist” with a representative whose interests more coincide with the real peoples interest
which I believe lie more in the direction of saving our last remaining wild places
by not going along with these giant csp plants way out in the boondocks, but in
home grown, independent rooftop power generated where the customers are.

Oh ye of little faith, I see the eyes rolling out there and hear the snickers. It’s okay, I am a
man of 56 years, I have heard it before.

This is what I know for a fact. Having this Mizz Johanna Wald on this very important
committee steering the Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative as a people’s interest
representative is akin to Stalin’s appointed stooges on the Politboro being true representatives for the Russian people. I sincerely doubt that she has ever seen one
of these plant proposals that she didn’t like. After all, they do promise to reduce carbon going into the environment and she is a noted “carbonmentalist”, what’s there for her not
to like?

And this is just the beginning. Better and more incisive brains than mine need to get involved with this. I bet if we had a list of all these committees and their members, we’d
find other noted “carbonmentalists” such as Carl Zichella, formerly of the Sierra Club and
taking his act now over to the NRDC where he and his buddy Mizz Wald can plot together
more easily how much more carbon they can save, as they do their utmost to destroy the remaining patches of wild desert- I bet we’ll find more names like this, sweep them out, too.

Now wait a minute, this sounds like a litmus test you’re talking about, Morongobill. Well,
surprise, surprise,surprise as that noted philosopher, Gomer Pyle used to say, it
is a litmus test. You don’t think the bureaucrats and the industrialists used a litmus
test when they packed the committees in the first place with the likes of Mizz Wald
and others of her ilk? How naive.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe there is no way to get committee members removed. So what?
I want the man to know in no uncertain terms that at least I, just an insignificant little blogger on the net, know what’s going on and that I will do my best to get the
word out there. This is an unfair process, just hobbled together, being ramrodded
down our throats, as well as the desert tortoises and others.

You don’t think the projects are being ramrodded? I just got through reading the “Tortoise
Telegraph” section of the newest edition of the Sunrunner Magazine, a great little free
desert publication, this one is the annual writer’s issue, you got to check it out- anyway, they report that the BLM completely ignores their requests for information regarding the
Blythe Solar Millennium Project, especially regarding the native american geoglyphs!
Out-f---ingrageous!They also wrote about this in the March/April issue which you can
read below.

There is an interest article on p.10 or 11 as well.

What’s that I smell this morning? A whiff of revolution perhaps.

Let’s go the offense starting right now folks.


P.s. thank you again anonymous for your great comment.