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Attention, Sierra Club, and other leaders! If you want to know why the greens are getting their asses kicked in D.C.- Read on.

Folks, I am about to make a few strong statements, so if you have a delicate nature, you
might want to head inside the house and leave the backporch.

Let me say the following in terms anyone can understand. I have no relationship with any
of the environmental groups, except for a recent donation to the Desert Protection Society,
which I blogged about the other day here and totally respect and support. I have not personally met face-to-face with any
of the grassroots environmental activists, but I have traded emails with a few. I have nothing but respect and admiration for them and what they do to try to save our
deserts, but I feel what I am about to say may hurt my standing with some of them.
If that’s the case, I regret it but I feel some things need to be said, right now.

I am not a politician, nor do I aspire to be one. I don’t always say what is politically correct,
but I feel my heart is in the right place, even if I speak impolitic at times. So if I lose a few
followers or readers of my blog, I will be sorry to see you go, but I feel I can not let this pass.

We are in a sorry mess right now. And it didn’t have to be that way. You see, it’s rather
simple actually, the mainstream environmental group leadership, completely ignoring their
grassroots base, the heart and soul of these groups, the leadership cut a deal with
the industrialists and their ilk, to “save the planet from global warming.” To paraphrase Mr.
Zichella, one of the main ones at the Sierra Club behind this action, some will have to
sacrifice so that the planet can be saved. By the way, just to alert everyone to what’s going
on, said Mr. Zichella will be taking his act over to the Natural Resources Defense Council in a month or so, probably one step ahead of the angry mob wielding the pitchforks!

So we must sacrifice the deserts to save the planet, eh? Never mind that new studies are
suggesting that the deserts are serving just as well as rain forests in acting as carbon sinks, they have got to bear the sacrifice so we can continue leaving a light on in every room
and to run our two or three refrigerators- got to sacrifice, got to take one for the team!

People, I have heard online anecdotal evidence that suggests that not one grassroots member supports the efforts to mirror over the desert,not one! Yet without hesitation, certain big environmental groups devoted ostensibly to saving wild places like the Mojave,
decided to sell it out to the corporate interests, to supposedly stop global warming, sometimes I can’t help but think they did it just to keep the corporate checks coming in,
keep the future jobs open at the think tanks, line up that future position in govern-
ment or in a lobbying firm-
and they could only do that by blowing off the wishes of
their grassroots base and willingly, and eagerly getting into bed with their corporate masters- screw the base, they’ll keep writing the checks and supporting us, they
have no alternative.

Yes, the bosses think they got over on us, they think they have got it made now by going
behind everyone’s backs and cutting the deal to allow the Mojave to be raped and pillaged.
Well, you know what, they may actually have it made. Because they know most people
are in fact sheeple, willing to go along with whatever orders come down from headquarters-
the proof of this is by the admission of Mr. Brune, that they need to work more with the
solar and wind developers, as well as their enablers, the venture capitalists. But of course,
this time they will develop the plan along with their local chapters, blah, blah. Note to
the leadership:

When you lay down with the big dogs, you get big fleas. Your original error was to make a deal with these folks in the first place, and now you’re compounding it by going back to the same poisoned well again. You may not have learned your lesson but hopefully the grassroots folks have, and they’ll give you a thumping you very richly deserve as you are ran out of town. Generations from now when they ask what in the hell happened to the deserts, I hope your names come to people’s lips in a curse, as an example of what hubris and arrogance can bring to people and a place that don’t deserve it.

If I offended anyone with that diatribe, I am not apologizing. If I lose any readers, so be it.

Folks, I used to be a pretty good chess player, self taught 100%. I must have read 50 books about chess, studied them actually. And one thing I noticed is that you don’t make any unnecessary sacrifices of pieces or position. Hell, the wackos running the environmental groups sacrificed the Mojave before the pieces were laid out on the board,
before the game actually began- and this Mr. Brune from the Sierra Club wonders why
they are getting their asses kicked? Come out here to the backporch sir, I would like to get in a few kicks of my own for what you and others like you have put in place now. I lay this
mess we’re in totally at your feet, Zichella’s feet, and others like you- too quick
on the draw with concessions- you gave them a mile and now they are taking the
whole Mojave Desert and others, do you get it now?

Oh, and this is a classic, just wait till you hear this. I will quote directly from the interview
which will be linked at the bottom here-

Brune: A combination of scaling up solar, wind, a little geothermal, and then using natural gas as a bridge tool. A combination of pushing more

distributed generation of solar, as well as large-scale solar and wind. So over the next year or so we’re putting together basically a campaign-in-a-box for all of our chapters in every state in the country to promote, the best combination we can think of that’s customized for every state. It will be a combination of different policies to promote more decentralized power.”

Did you catch that? It’s not a typo. After dissing distributed power generation for ages, and
after ignoring it in favor of scraping over the deserts for concentrated solar power, now that
they see they just got their clocks cleaned by the industrialists and polluters, now they finally add the three words as a sop to the base. Shameless and simply incredible, and I
hope the grassroots see it as the ploy it really is.

You know folks, sometimes what things appear to be are really what they are. As we found
out the other day when we looked upon the virginal Sierra Club roof, totally free of any
renewable energy gear, and we add that to the fact that distributed power generation has gotten no traction with the club, until this interview, maybe it’s true, the leadership really
doesn’t get it, really doesn’t give a damn about real home generated power, you know
maybe we shouldn’t give a damn when the grassroots finally stand up, remember what
Dr. King said, the man can’t ride your back when you stand up, when they stand up and take back THEIR environmental groups.

In case I didn’t make it clear earlier, I am done with these groups as now led, but I will be here to the end for my brothers and sisters out in the real world, trying to make a difference
out in the fields and forests and deserts, even though all the while, the leadership is stabbing you in the back, I am only one little blog, one of many, but not intimidated by their
money or influence. I really could care less about what they think, if they have a problem
with what I say, come on down to the backporch, let’s talk about it.

You know I did a post the other day where I mentioned, that Australia was about to be BrightSourced. I tried to find environmental activists groups over there, and actually sent
an email to a site that was supposed to be a portal- well, the email was returned. I am
asking anyone of my readers, if you know of any groups over there active in desert issues,
please either email them the link to my article or would you give me their email address or url?

At least, over there, they might be able to start a campaign at the grassroots level before their leadership, goes out and repeats our sorry history with the issue. Oh and here’s how
I know history is about to be repeated over there, out of a 194 page report, only about 1 1/2
pages was devoted to distributed power generation, a whole one and one half pages- they
have already made their minds up at the University of Melbourne where the study was
written, that big wind and big solar are the way to go.

But knowing a little about the country and it’s people, I feel confident that, for sure, the industrialists will definitely know that they have been in a fight. Here, thanks to the leadership in the government and the environmental groups, they hardly feel like they’re
in a fight, much less taken a few licks, as the rules were rigged in their favor from the very beginning. By the time it got down to us, the game was almost over.

Here at the backporch though, I am starting to see signs of encouragement. As stated here
several times, I have felt along, our hope to avoid being BrightSourced or Tessera’d
was either some group filing a lawsuit re: NEPA or some problems in the capital markets.

I am happy to report that some progress may be going on in both fronts. It was reported
the other day at the Ridgecrest newspaper, that the Environmental Protection Agency
believes the Solar Millennium Ridgecrest project should not be approved at the site, NEPA
reasons, and should possibly be located at an alternative site such as the Garlock Road
alternative location, or that no action should be approved. This is big news folks, because one agency of government, the one charged with NEPA, obviously feels that another agency is just rubberstamping these projects, just to rush on the project. A very interesting
development indeed, that an agency of the federal government may actually agree with those of us who feel that the process, so far at least, appears rigged against the environment and for the energy developers.

In other news, I have heard via anecdotal evidence that representatives of the big energy
firms are bemoaning the fact that the money on Wall Street is drying up for these projects,
with or without the federal energy loan guarantees. That news really warms the cockles of my heart, let me tell you. I have said along, the projects hundreds of miles out in the middle of Bumfunk,desert make no economic sense at all, if they did, this fight would have occurred a long time ago. That sound you hear is the world’s smallest violin playing
a sad song for the renewable energy land rush barons, I hope most of them go broke, except for the firms who desire to avoid harming the environment by building on “junk land”,
close in and near existing transmission assets.

So to wrap up, if I offended anyone or anybody, I wish you well, I am not saying sorry for
no reason. To quote Max Roby in Empire Falls, a novel by Richard Russo which I highly
recommend, “there’s no law that says you can’t call an asshole, an asshole.” I will apologize for being a little more blunt than normal- in other words for how I said it, but
not for saying it.

Here is the link to the interview of the head honcho at the Sierra Club.

Here is the story about the EPA and Ridgecrest solar.

Now go take on some headquarters types.


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