Tuesday, August 3, 2010

BrightSource Energy, sell outs, worthless politicians, clueless bureaucrats, an indifferent public spoon fed by the main stream media- a modern day farce and tragedy.

And waiting in the wings, stage left, the investment bankers and bankers, eager to
give the taxpayers and Uncle Sam a screwing that they will never forget.

First let me thank Shawn over at the Mojave Desert Blog for the latest update to
the BrightSource Energy Ivanpah project. Shawn has his finger on the pulse in
Sacramento and as usual has reported the latest news with incisive commentary.
The link to his post is at the bottom of the page.

Let me make it abundantly clear right now that if you have a delicate nature or are
a sensitive soul, meaning no disrespect and only pointing out the obvious, you might want
to surf away from this site as there will be “no holds barred.” As far as the Morongobill
is concerned, no more sacred cows, no more holding back, and as far as this blogger is concerned, and speaking only for me- what have you done for the deserts lately? Have you made your position clear that you oppose these plants
that have the potential to destroy the Mojave desert RIGHT NOW and for our
lifetimes,  forever as far as I am concerned? These are the questions that
this blogger feels should be directed at the policy makers, politicians, and certain
members of environmental groups, ones in leadership positions.

Call it a litmus test if you like, I don’t care, the time for action is here, right now, and we
need to proclaim what side we’re on- now. The Mojave and other wild places can’t wait any longer.

Getting to the title of this post, I’m sure that some of you are wondering what these people
have in common, or what is the common thread. It’s simple actually- it all has to do with
this “renewable energy land rush.” BrightSource Energy is an obvious choice considering
the ridiculous lengths they’re willing to go to latch onto those Obama bucks, talk about
chutzpah and no shame, willing to use the suffering Gulf of Mexico to justify their outrageous desert land grab in Ivanpah, where the desert is flat out going to raped like
never before
, it’s just incredible. And mark my words folks, remember you heard it
here on Morongobill’s Backporch, their ultimate goal reachable through this stalking horse,
in my humble opinion, always was, has, and will be going public after building this
project or even mid way through it, and the accompanying billions of dollars that
will be made, especially by the investment bankers. Remember this as well, no
one would spend a penny of their own money on this boondoggle, if they had wanted to, it would have been built long ago- only the benevolence of Uncle Sam through you and me, their servants, the long pissed on and screwed tax payers, we are providing the 1.3 BILLION DOLLAR LOAN GUARANTEE that will enable them to get the project going, and utilizing that as a stepping stone to going public,
where the real money will be made.

In my opinion, they won’t offer the U.S. a cut of the money, nor will the government
ask for some of the money. See the fix is in, I can’t prove it but we’ll see the results
soon enough. Never fear though, lots of money will be spread around without a
penny of it going for a worthwhile purpose except to line certain peoples’ pockets.

Sell outs. What else should you call these “leaders in the environmental movement”, the ones that are in bed with the corporate interests. They claim they are totally concerned with
global warming, I am inclined to think it’s more a concern that the corporate hind tit might
dry up if they oppose these plants way out in the middle of nowhere. I originally was going
to call them “ whores, but that would just be an intolerable insult to prostitutes.” I invite all of these sorry assed clowns to take a seat along with their main man-
the Governator on one of these…
ivanpah032410hike 047

Maybe after sitting on one of these Yucca leaves, they might get the point and leave
our desert alone.

Oh goody, it’s time to get to the worthless politicians. First I want to say that none of
what I am about to say applies to our senior senator, Diane Feinstein. She’s one of the
main reasons that my favorite place on the planet exists, the Mojave National Preserve and for that reason, if not for anything else,she will always have my respect and gratitude. The rest
are fair game. It should be obvious to all that our teacher-in-chief doesn’t have a clue about the deserts. I think this guy just looks at a map on the wall full of blank spaces, as do his
minions such as “the new sheriff in town Kennie Salazar” and voila, the light bulb  goes off in their little brains- that would be a great place for renewable energy! These lightweights, two peas in a pod if I ever saw one, deserve each other, but the Mojave
and other deserts, as well as we the people, don’t deserve them. I am so done
with this president and his administration- from his handling of this matter, to the
Gulf of Mexico disaster where he left the same clowns in charge from the Bush days, to okaying drilling in the Arctic, to keeping the same policies in place with
endless wars all over the world, to not prosecuting the torturers who single-handedly did more to dishonor  and bring shame on our image worldwide than virtually anyone else in the history of the republic--- you name it, this guy doesn’t get it.

And now we come to clueless bureaucrats. These guys take their cues from their bosses
in the administration who don’t get it, so it stands to reason, they don’t get it either. Here in
socal we have literally millions of rooftops, in perfect sunshine, with tons of unemployed people capable of being trained to install and maintain rooftop solar, independent locally
owned “power for the people” and all they can think is gotta build hundreds of miles out
in the desert, gotta grab those federal stimulus bucks before they expire. We have the existing
electrical grid infrastructure close by and just waiting to fed into. Where there’s a will there’s
a way, at least that’s what I was always told back home in Georgia. The federal tax code
could be adjusted to help with this effort, easily done considering all the lobbyists available
to write the bills- what? You think the legislators write the bills anymore, how naive can you

But the interest doesn’t lie in that direction, but instead to the soon to be raped Mojave and other wild
places. Yes sir, they are determined to commit this crime at all costs- no matter the consequences to the environment. Oh they’ll shed their crocodile tears for the poor
mojave ground squirrels or the desert tortoises, or the badgers, or the bats; but don’t be
fooled, the tears are just for show. What they would really like to do is shout it from the
rooftops, “I’m going to be rich!” That’s what they’d really like to do, you bet.

The proof was put forward here and on other sites just a few short days ago when the CEC
staff said they are approving the Imperial Solar project, over-riding the legitimate environmental concerns put forward by intervenors and others. You can take this to the bank folks, you watch, in a couple of years Solar Millenium will put forward a tinkered
around the edges “new plan” for Ridgecrest, a crucial area of concern for mojave
ground squirrels and desert tortoises if there ever was one,
and the CEC will use
the exact same approval language. I guarantee it.

I swear the arrogance coupled with sheer incompetence that is emanating from Sacramento and Washington, sometimes make me want to chuck it all and move as far
away from this impending train wreck as I can. But then, I reflect on good times spent
in the Mojave and how that same time should be available for future generations, and
my resolve gets renewed. God damn these jackasses, as long as I have access to
a computer and a website, I will keep putting the word out, as long as I have
the strength to type and can see the screen, I swear I’ll keep pointing out the
obvious- that these are bad deals, designed for and by the system to keep the
status quo going, to enrich those in power and those in position at the beginning,
and to last supposedly 40-50 years with land restoration promised down the road,
and if you believe that I am here to tell you about great water front territory in
Death Valley….

Last but not least, we have an indifferent public spoon fed by the media. The Romans
were kept in line with free bread and circuses, nowadays we use food stamps and tv,
tv everywhere, hundreds of channels, all designed to sell you something, or to titillate
you with the latest twentysomething’s brushes with the law. What a crock of bullshit!
That’s another thing I am done with, television and ignorance. Get a clue! Look at a world
map sometimes, see where Iraq and Afghanistan are- know why Afghanistan has always
been called the graveyard where empires go to die.

Sometimes I think the only thing most people care about is themselves. And actually in this
case, that’s a good thing. People, you need to realize that wilderness is as necessary for
life as oxygen. Haven’t you ever just wanted to get the hell out of sight of the golden arches
or to escape from the idiot box? You can, in the desert or the forests or the mountains. And
by the way, all these areas just mentioned are targets for placement of heliostat mirrors, gigantic and humungous wind turbines, monstrously tall power line towers, etc. It’s kind of
hard to get away from civilization, when it has already made it to your getaway spot!
Yep, as I have warned many times, coming soon to a wild place you care about are mirrors,
lots of mirrors, thousands and thousands of them, all needing to be washed down often, using fossil water probably left over from the Pleistocene era, and not to be
replaced for a long, long time. Or maybe wind towers, so tall you break your neck
looking up at them, kind of like these:

Please note if you will the land at the base of those turbines next time you drive by
some, it looks like this:

Put yourselves in a desert tortoise’s shoes for a minute, or a mojave ground squirrel’s.
Don’t you think it might possibly be a little tough to make a living in this neighborhood?
It’s about time that we, as a people, gained a little compassion and empathy for the
existing residents of the landscape we want to denude, all for the sake of “meeting
the states renewable power supply goals.”

This farce I am afraid is starting to look more like a greek tragedy. Our hubris is leading
us in the direction of fighting mother nature, and some are finally starting to figure out
that this fight might lead to our eventual extinction as a species.

Unfortunately for the world however, we will probably take most of the plants, animals,
ocean life, etc along with us when we go.

It truly is a shame and an abomination.

Here is the link to the article at the Mojave Desert Blog:

Now please go read that and take a little time to reflect for a few minutes. Are there
any places you care about so deeply, that by God as your witness, you are willing
to fight for? By any means at your disposal? Are you willing to tell people about what’s
going on here in this world? It’s the only one we got, you know. I am not asking
you to lead a movement or to become an activist for the environment,
even though in my heart I feel that some of you reading this are more
than capable of it, I am asking you to just, one day at a time,taking
small steps at first, get involved in the struggle to protect our last
remaining sanctuaries- far from civilization and its’  stresses, knowing
that a lot of folks are against you, but secure in your belief in what is right and just, and that, in the end, you have nature on your side.
 archivecd18 196

We may lose a few battles but we are more than capable of winning the campaign
to save the Mojave and other wild and peaceful places, from the onslaught of industrialization, but only if we start mobilizing the people we know and take on the
monied interests that want to push through their agenda, no matter how many square
miles of desert they have to pave over, to accomplish it.

Vaya con dios, my friends.