Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Carbonmentalism and carbonmentalists.

From the Morongobill online dictionary:
carbonmentalism- a modern successor to the old-fashioned notion of
enviromentalism- a discipline devoted to preserving, restoration etc of the natural environment, especially as regards pollution. Carbonmentalism forsakes the
preservation of specific wild places with a credo that all must sacrifice, including
those hallowed places, by becoming the sites for modern concentrated solar,
wind farms, and other renewable energy plants, as well as the associated transmission
assets required to transmit the power wastefully back to the end-users often hundreds
of miles away. Unfortunately rare plant and animal species must do their fair share
to help reduce carbon emissions by willfully giving up their homes and lives in the process.
But that is a small price to pay, as they can go to their maker knowing that they gave
that last measure of devotion, their very existence, to help offset the carbon produced
in China by the two new coal plants a week, new plants, coming online there.

Carbonmentalist- a modern successor to great, old-time environmentalists such as
John Muir, John James Audobon, Henry David Thoreau, Theodore Roosevelt, and others.
These old-fashioned environmentalists were devoted to the preservation of the outdoors
and the wilderness, etc while the new, modern carbonmentalists worship at the altar of
carbon reduction, first and foremost. Just to name a couple, of course I would have to
name the two Carls, Pope and Zichella, from John Muir’s old organization, the Sierra Club,
once a hotbed of environmentalism and now the bright, shining beacon for the carbonmentalist movement, and Ms. Johanna Wald, of the Natural Resources Defense Council, soon to be joined by the previously mentioned Mr. Zichella, where I am as sure
as the sun will rise in the east tomorrow, they will continue to advance and further the
cause of their lives, carbonmentalism. Bravo! Bravo! Congratulations to these fine folks
who by succeeding beyond their wildest dreams in the goal of off-setting carbon emissions,
have managed to do more to hurt the California deserts than anyone else in recorded history, according to this awestruck blogger. Bravo! May you enjoy a just reward, soon I hope
as you guys really deserve it, of all people.

Continuing with this, these terms carbonmentalism and carbonmentalists came into use
in the year of our Lord, 2010, right here in this very blog, as a way that I could honor these
folks who are so deserving of an honor of this type. Bravo! Bravo! I would offer a visual
honor that in my humble opinion they do deserve, but I still have not made up my mind yet,
if they were as deserving of the honor and the award as the last two recipients, our
governator and Bobby Kennedy, Jr  were. The jury is still out, unfortunately at this point.

So there we have it. We are witnesses to linguistic history, the heights some will go to
for such truly, deserving individuals, who are giving their all to further this new cause,


P.s. If you can think of some examples of modern day carbonmentalists worthy of being
honored here, by all means please leave a comment or send me an email with the names
as well as why you think that they deserve such an honor.

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