Friday, August 20, 2010

Contact! From one of the giant solar firms! Details here!

Boy, was I surprised to receive this email today. I will cut and paste it below, but
will leave out the contact person and phone number. No it’s not BrightSource!

Dear Morongo Bill,

I am assisting First Solar on their media outreach in the Riverside/Coachella Valley area.

As you have been following, First Solar is steadily making progress on its Desert Sunlight project near Desert Center. Because of your ongoing coverage and comments of utility-scale solar and the anticipated advance of this project, we thought it would be a good time for you and a First Solar Representative to meet face-to-face. Kim Oster, director of business development for First Solar, will be in the Coachella Valley area on September 2nd and 3rd. Although, we understand you are in the Buena Vista area, we thought an attempt to connect would be appropriate. If it is not possible to meet face-to-face, Kim would be happy to make arrangements to speak on the phone in the next few weeks or possibly arrange for another time to meet when she can travel to Orange County.

Please let me know if you are interested and your availability, and I would be happy to help coordinate.”

Here are a few links from one of the best sites on the net, Basin and Range Watch, with
plenty of details about First Solar and the project in question, I recommend you read all
reports. The 3rd link has a story about a First Solar contractor evidently trespassing on private property to do surveys, pictures of the act in the 3rd link!

Desert Sunset or Desert SunLight LLC?

Chuckwalla Valley Solar Sprawl

Chuckwalla Valley Update

Folks, this email was just as big a surprise as I have ever received in my 56 years. It’s flattering of course, but didn’t I just post the other day about the “divide and conquer”

Now let me see if I can sum up this development down in the Chuckwalla Valley. I am doing this mainly from memory, so any incorrect information, it can be blamed on that.

This is around a 4,000+ acre development if I remember right and it surrounds on 3 sides
a little farm. I believe that farm grows jojoba and I believe the farmers in question are
the Charpied’s, you know the folks who are in the 20+ year fight to stop the world’s
largest garbage dump from happening near their place and adjacent to Joshua Tree
National Park, the good folks that I support and have asked my readers to support? Now
you get it, those fine folks. So if I understand this, they may win the fight to stop the
garbage dump but may end up being surrounded by a whole bunch of solar mirrors?

I really think my answer is obvious. If you want to meet with me to say that you’ve changed
your plans for locating the solar field at it’s present intended location, and are moving it
to a site that is brown land, or salted up farm land, junk land not wanted by anybody
such as desert tortoises or burrowing owls or mojave ground squirrels or badgers or rare
and/or beautiful plants or not considered sacred by this land’s original inhabitants, the native americans- we can meet- we can talk- I’ll even buy you a drink or two.

But if the purpose of the meeting is to try to persuade me to go along with the present
site location, we really have nothing to talk about.

Oh at some point, I am heading out there. I really would like to walk the beautiful country
in those photographs, who knows, Senor Tortuga from Ivanpah may even have a cousin there I could interview ;-)

Now if by some chance, I am totally off mark with the details just outlined, let me know.
I am pretty confident though that the details presented here are correct.

To preserve the privacy of the public relations person who emailed me, I did not disclose
the name or cell number. The business person for First Solar in the email I did list as I
believe that information is public record and it makes sense that they would try to arrange meetings with folks who have an interest in the proposed solar project.


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