Monday, August 23, 2010

Enviromentalist= someone trying to save the wild places in nature,that’s my definition.

I just finished reading the essay “Confessions of a recovering environmentalist” by
Paul Kingsnorth, the link in case you missed it is here.

When I come across something very interesting, written material that touches something
inside me, it may take me two or three days to finish it, savoring each morsel of
insight and knowledge gained. That is exactly what happened this time.

No I don’t see myself being portrayed in the essay as a young man, but I do see a
little of myself in the older years, wondering what happened to the movement; who,
how, and when did it get hijacked by the bean counters, the math modelers, the
carbon counters- you catch my drift I believe. Call me old fashioned but I still believe
environmentalists are folks who try to save the wild places that are left.

I can not comment on whether his rendering of the history as he sees it is fact or not,
but I do feel he is right on as to where the state of the movement is right now, today.
I only need to look to the current examples of Ivanpah SEGS and other of these
renewable energy projects, referring especially to the site locations, and the major
environmental groups backing the projects(or not opposing which means the same thing)
to see exactly where they stand. It absolutely makes not a shred of difference whether
the sites are pristine or of significant cultural value or filled with rare or endangered
plant and animal species, the area must be laid on the alter for sacrifice to appease
their carbon gods.
I mean really, to hear some of these carbon environmentalists talk,
it sounds like a religious experience for them. I mean listen to them sometimes.

I agree with the author that nothing may or can be done, at least this far along. And I
echo his wanting to get out in nature right away, to submerse himself in it, being a
published writer, I am sure that he’ll be able to afford it.

For myself, I intend to seek out nature opportunities as often as financially possible and
also to keep up this good fight, this most noble fight, win or lose, to stop this
rape and pillaging destined for the Mojave that I love, in any way that I am able,
secure in the knowledge that there are kindred spirits out there who feel the way
I do, and who also intend to fight the system, this system which feels that it is
absolutely necessary to destroy one of the greatest carbon sinks as deserts are,
in order to make up for the extra carbon going into the ecosystem from our use
of fossil fuel energy sources- in other words, we must destroy the desert to
eventually save it.
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God help us in this fight. And if you’re reading this and feel in any way in
agreement with the essay writer or with this post, please consider making
this your fight as well. With you at our backs, with all of us having each others’
backs, we can and will make progress against the industrialists and
their lackeys.

Vaya con dios, my friends.