Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First battle lost. Ivanpah Solar approved.

I guess there never was any doubt that it would go through with everybody
behind it from Booby Kennedy, Jr to B.O. to the governator, along with
various and sundry local political hacks and luminaries. All spouting the
same mantra- jobs, clean energy, cut dependence from foreign oil; you
know the usual talking points that get trotted out time after time.

There is of course a thirty day comment period where the public gets their
say which the presiding member is supposed to take into account before making
the final decision. What a f-----g joke! This is supposedly a democratic republic
where policy makers take the public’s wishes into account, when all the while
it is political theatre with everyone having their role to play onstage and offstage
behind the curtains, the decision is being
made in the backrooms. 30 day comment period, a time waster if there ever was
one. The die is cast, they’re going through with this boondoggle.

At least in the good old days, the Politburo had those responsible for such
a massive project, shot when the project failed, sometimes regardless of
the reason for said failure.

Here in the good, ole USA, we have a more enlightened approach where
we not only tolerate but actually reward failure, in the form of stock options
and golden parachutes among other things.

At the backporch we have a different take on failure when it involves the
sacrifice of our national treasures such as the Mojave Desert, I’ll give you a hint,
think Stalin, think KGB, think Lubyanka Prison. But of course, being a realist, I
understand that, in the end, to go with his Best Actor Award, John Woolard, CEO,
that’s chief executioner official(if you were an endangered species, you’d agree
with that); Johnnie boy will also probably pick up a Nobel Prize for scientific accomplish-
ment along with other awards, as well as get a date with Paris Hilton.

I would like to shove those awards right up his---, sorry, I mean where the
solar rays don’t emanate, and rotate them.

Enough for now, I think I made my point. This horrible news while expected, has run
me out of the big city. I think I’ll go back up to the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve today
and get away from people and their bad news.

At least that’s one place I know of, for now, that is still heliostat and turbine free.

Annus horribilis.


p.s. I look for the project to run into many difficulties during construction, remember the
anchoring issues discussed here and at other sites, incurring cost over-runs of course.

Get your wallet out, fellow saps, I mean taxpayers, we will be expected to dig
deep to make up for those.

Oh and don’t forget to remember the share of money you’ll be getting when
B.S.Energy goes public! My free advice don’t start planning how you’ll spend
the windfall.

Thanks to the Mojave Desert Blog for breaking the news: