Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just who are these people? Referring to the main troika at the California Energy Commission. Who made them Gods?

You know, Manny, Moe and Jack, or is it Moe, Larry and Curley?

I am referring of course to the kangaroo court that holds the fate of the Mojave Desert
in its’ hands. I call it that because there is definitely a “pronounced marsupial aroma”
wafting downwind out of Sacramento.

Now why would I think that?

Let’s see, first the CEC staff points out all the damage that will be caused by the Ivanpah
SEGS brought to us by good, old John Woolard and the B.S’Ers, then follows that
by stating the need to meet the state’s renewable energy goals, those considerations
will have to over-ridden therefore by the CEC so that the project can go ahead.
When you read the decision, it really boils down to this simple idea- they have the
power, they know everything, they know what’s good for we the masses, it’s going to 
happen whether the rest of us like it or not.

That’s a pretty direct indictment there, do you have any other evidence
or is this just your suspicious mind at work?(actually I do have a “Suspicious Mind”, sorry Elvis, I couldn’t
resist the pun!)

Oh, how about the latest from the CEC evidentiary hearings on Tessera Solar’s project?
Tessera hires one of only a very few desert biological and botanical experts, to do a
survey of special status plants on the Calico Solar site. So he does a little bit of work
for them, the findings of which are part of the public record, and then Tessera objects
when citizen’s groups opposing the project would like him to appear at the hearings
as a witness on the citizens’ behalf. Of course, Tessera cried foul and tried
to get him barred from appearing.  I guess in their mind, he’s bought and paid
for, and you don’t want the “hired help” freelancing.

Based on comments made by a CEC member, this Tessera action might make this
proceeding look like the farce it really is, and there’s a chance the CEC may let him
testify, if nothing else than to appear fair and balanced.
(my commentary folks)

Remember, it’s okay if the people may think a proceeding is rigged, but don’t
screw up and actually give them proof it’s rigged. # 1 or so on the top rules of
the bureaucracy, kind of like it’s okay for them to suspect, but not to know the truth.

Only in Kalifornia, can a lame duck governator, still smarting from a spanking given
at the polls by a pissed off electorate, only in this land of fruits, flakes, and nuts can
this imbecile manage to turn the tables on everyone from the environmentalists(those
not in bed with B.S.E and Tessera Solar) to the legislature to the intervenors in the
process- it’s incredible! This from a state that can’t balance a budget without going
through the same soap opera fiscal year after year! But one thing you can take to the bank,
don’t get between the political hacks and that federal stimulus dollar feeding trough-
you’ll wonder what earthmover or Mack truck ran over you.

I have personally read thousands of pages of documents presented to the CEC by the
power companies, intervenors, and other interested parties, and it is obvious the amount
of work, thought, time, and yes- blood, sweat, and tears- that went into the preparation
from all sides. That is until I read the 5 or 6 pages explaining the override of the environmental and other concerns, from the presiding member. I guess he thinks if you
say something two or three times, that makes it right. Hell, I could have hired a homeless
person off skid row and received a better reasoned argument than what was presented
to us as the fait accompli.

It all goes back to a theme I have repeated ad nauseum on this blog- our ruling elites, our
betters(at least in their minds) think they know it all and can do it all, no matter what we
That’s why I think these 30 day comment periods, etc are such a joke. They have
proved it over and over, they are doing what they want to do regardless of my opinion or
yours or anybody’s, the proof is in the decisions that they are handing down.

For this renewable energy to make money for the elites, they have to get someone else  to finance it- check, the good old taxpayers and the projects have to be started
by a certain time to get those dollars- check, that’s where the rubber stamp hearings
come in. And once ground has been broken, it’s off to the races- the “going public”
race, the IPO race, where everyone in the game will make a fortune.
(again my opinion)

And of course, in the absence of any worthwhile opposition except for a few grassroots
activist groups, God bless them for their hard work, dedication to and sacrifice
for the cause
, it looks like the die may very well be cast and the wholesale raping and
plundering of our deserts is about to begin.

Unfortunately for our side, the levers of power appear to all be in the hands of the industrialists and not ours.

Where is Machiavelli when you need him?


Here is the link to the actual 576 page file over at Coyote Crossing. Chris has done a great public service by
somehow shrinking the huge file size down to about 2.7 meg, it opens with Adobe Acrobat or similar. The Presiding
Member’s override decision begins on p.495-499.