Sunday, August 1, 2010

A little help please for this blogger. Plus new photo and video from my 07/29/2010 2nd hike at the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve.

Relax folks, I am not hitting you up for money.

But I would like for some ideas for free software or site hosts for audio and/or video
clips for this blog.

I would like to be able to have audio snippets on my blogger page. For example,
I made quite a few cell phone voice notes on my two hikes to the Big Morongo
Canyon Preserve. These are in Real Audio format, actually very good audio
quality and are small file sizes- about 130 kb for almost 1 1/2 minutes of audio.

Looking on the web, it is just overwhelming- the number of hits- millions of pages.
I tried one that looked good, but to listen to the “free file download”, you have to
wait 30 seconds while they try to get you to buy a site membership for 10$ a month!
Outrageous! I can think of no quicker way to drive off my readership than going with
that outfit.

If you know of any good free file hosts that offer up instant access to the file, please let
me know via the comment section or email.

I can’t offer anything but my never-ending, undying gratitude to anyone who can help
me out with this. I will also publicly thank you in this blog for your contribution.

You know I have said it here before, the writing or photography, etc is not the hardest
task when you have a blog. It’s the little details, the back office stuff that literally can
kill your blog. All the time you are worrying about fixing something, or finding an obscure
program or fix, is spirit sapping and in my case, pretty depressing.

If you know of anything, please let me know, and I will immediately check it out.

The plan is to write up a trip report for my second hike at Morongo and add the voice
notes. I am working on shrinking down the file sizes and choosing which videos to post.
I will leave you with an image from my hike and another video, this was filmed under a
bush where I was trying to recover from too much sun. Preview- I mention that a vulture
flew over head and that was motivating me to get up and continue!
bigmorongocanyon072910 020
The tree to the right down the trail is the one with the 3 rock footstools underneath
where I recovered on the hike back uphill on 7/29/2010.

Folks, I was mistaken, I talked about the buzzard in a voice note. However, I promised
a video, here is my goodbye to the old gnarly, cottonwood that was the goal of this hike.
The voice note will be uploaded when I settle on a host.

Thanks for dropping by the backporch and for any suggestions.


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