Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sierra Club and Ivanpah SEGS, a picture is worth a thousand words.


In the screen capture above, the rooftop where the A inside the orange balloon is the building housing their national
headquarters in San Francisco, California. Below is another view of the same area.Orange balloon is the right bldg.
Why are there no solar arrays atop this building housing what is alleged to be one of the greenest organizations in the country and self charged with protecting our environment, especially from global warming?

Actually in the spirit of fairness, I notice that none of the buildings have rooftop solar
arrays, also known as distributed power generation. Although maybe the quality of
the photos are such that the details might not show up. Anticipating that, I drove over
to the port of San Pedro near Long Beach in southern California where from memory,
I know there are solar arrays on some of the commercial buildings.

The best vantage point would have been to take the pictures from the Vincent Thomas suspension bridge over the harbor, but I figured that I might get arrested, so I walked along the water front, here was the best I could do, an array atop the Carnival Cruise Line
building along the waterfront.
08102010sanpedroharbor 001

The arrays are upright in this photo, there were men on the roof working, so they might have been in the process
of being cleaned or serviced. Online I had much better luck and the right angle to show more buildings with arrays
on their roofs.



Now some folks might be uncharitable and say, of course, typical limousine liberals
all talk about doing something, as long as it is not in my neighborhood. I won’t
say that.

It is obvious to me based on the fact there are no solar arrays on any of those rooftops
in the San Francisco satellite views, that they just don’t believe in or get solar distributed
power generation, period. And a lot of blame for that can be directed at environmental
and industry groups that supposedly have been promoting this.

And here, all along I thought the bay area was ground zero for the green movement.

It’s pretty obvious to me that if anything, the San Pedro waterfront area might be as green as anybody. Here are some examples.
08102010sanpedroharbor 005

08102010sanpedroharbor 003

And don’t forget the cruise ship terminal rooftop covered with solar arrays.

In both cities, there are probably thousands and thousands of commercial rooftops
just sitting there, ready to be fitted with solar arrays that would provide home made
power for the building, possibly enough to feed the excess into the power grid.

But of course, as we have discovered, everyone from the governor, president, Sierra
Club and other major environmental groups don’t believe in this concept and still hew
blindly along with the century old power utilities and their old business model, top down
driven, and Ivanpah and other wild places will have to pay the price for their stubbornness.


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