Monday, September 27, 2010

At last, some good news for the Mojave!

This came to my attention here.

And directly from the source here.

I used to live in Joshua Tree and although I personally have never hiked this
huge 955 acres, I trust the folks over at the Mojave Desert Land Trust and
know of their good works on behalf of the Mojave desert.

Hopefully, more good news will be forthcoming regarding other parcels.

This really is a major accomplishment, an ecosystem saved, a valuable wildlife
corridor saved forever, especially for the bighorns, pristine habitat saved- equal
to one and one half square miles- truly a major accomplishment!

And folks, this was done by all parties working together- the local college, the
Marines, the land trust, donors- people with a vision who kept at it through good
and bad times, now able to look with pride upon this most noble of deeds.

Once all the details have been ironed out, this Quail Mountain acreage will be placed
under the control and added to the Joshua Tree National Park. By the way, also
congratulations are due to the park service for their assistance and participation
in this prized acquisition.

Once again, this is great news and cheers from the backporch to all involved with

Thank you for this inspiring news.


P.S. Of course this means this will be 955 acres of pristine desert that will remain forever wind turbine and heliostat free!