Monday, September 13, 2010

Change I can believe in.

Sweep out the democrats and republicans who seem to care only about
themselves and their big corporate and plutocrat donors.

Change this government of the special interests to one truly of, by, and
for the people.

Kick the bureaucrat’s asses out into the street, and keep on kicking them
until your foot is too tired to keep it up. Especially those interested in
these desert boondoggles.

Once and for all, show these bankers and wall street types who the boss
is and kick their asses to the curb. Replace their arrogant disdain for the
people with a healthy fear and respect. If need be, yank the props out from
under the “too big to fail” banks, and transfer the government money to smaller
and regional banks. This can be done with a keyboard stroke by the federal
reserve and treasury- if the will is there.

The will isn’t there right now but if the people rose up and the elites got scared
enough, it might miraculously appear.

Divert the federal ARRA funding from large scale utility centralized power to
rooftop, decentralized local power, shower different technologies with incentives,
and let them fight it out in the marketplace to see which is best. Any large scale
plants funded should make preservation of water, land, and habitat priority one.
Combine this with efforts to conserve energy and if necessary disincentives for
excessive electrical usage.

As in a video in a previous post proved, you will find yourself using energy up to
what you can produce, developing frugal and smart usage habits. Want to blast the
big screen at night, you have to cut something else to compensate.

Change the American mindset that the world is our oyster, to be pillaged at
will, get our consumption more in line with our pocketbooks. Even though we
have champagne tastes, for now and far, far into the future we will have
”Thunderbird and Ripple” pocketbooks!

Well actually our many, many billionaires and trillionaires might currently have the
big wallets to keep on keeping on, but after we restore the traditional tax rates on
their windfall profits, they might downsize a little. Let them squall like cats getting
their tails mashed, it’s good for them.

Accept the fact that millions of jobs are never coming back due to this “free trade”
and begin a national “Manhattan Project” or another “Marshall Plan” or any type
of pick and shovel, or any work, paid by the new tax revenues to put we non- rich
citizens back to work. Work for help, sounds good to me.

Accept the fact that if something isn’t done fast that these millions of unemployed
won’t stand idly by forever, becoming homeless and ultimately cast as deadbeats
and criminal elements by the elites. They are still free men and women, and might
decide they have nothing else to lose, and fight for their rights and god given dignity.

Cut the hell out of this defense budget. There is no reason in the world why we need
to spend twice as much for “defense” as the rest of the world put together, none.
Are we so insecure as a nation and a people that these idiots with box cutters can
scare us into spending ourselves into oblivion and to provide impetus to efforts to
take away our god given and paid for by blood, civil rights? Are we cowards or are
we free men and women? Come on, grow a pair. We have to quit being afraid of
every little thing that goes on.

This would of course lead to the next logical step- bring our troops home and shut
down some of the 800+ military bases we have world wide. While we are at it, maybe
we could stop being the world’s policeman, and maybe the world’s biggest consumer
of illegal drugs- and for once- just mind our own business! We have tons
of problems right here in the old U.S.A, we don’t need to worry about everybody else’s

Bring home our predator drones, bring home our torturer’s for a public, televised, fair
trial- complete with televised frog marches into the courtroom as well- now that is a
change I could really believe in.

I alluded to my mood the other day in a post, I am in an arguing mood, and I don’t give
a damn how many people I piss off at this point, to be brutally honest. Everywhere I
look I see the same old same old, garbage in and garbage out, and I am sick as hell of
it. It’s the same old shit, just a different day most of the time.

And last but not least, a message for our teacher-in-chief. Millions of people like me
voted for you, believing you would bring change. Now in hindsight, what a naive act!
Sir, you need to make a decision like yesterday, who are you for, we who voted for
you or the elites who many think bought you. It’s up to you sir, your decision. There
are many people on the verge of giving up on you, on this country, on life, families
are being stretched beyond the breaking point. Get yourself a OUIJA board and try
to get a direct line to FDR and ask for help and ideas, for bold actions to help the
people who really need the help, right now.

Folks, I am happy to have you stop by here at the back porch, it really makes my day
sometimes. But I am giving you fair warning right now, things are going to change
a little bit here. I have been holding my tongue, not wanting to scare people off, and
it’s just not me. From now on, I intend to exercise my freedom of speech rights as
never before.

I truly believe that we as a nation have went off the deep end and went down the wrong
path. The path we have chosen gives new meaning to the word immoral. I am not using
the word to mean it in the main stream media sense, I am flat out stating that I believe
it is immoral to kill hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, to bomb and kill
with impunity, to be the sole arbiter, judge and jury for what is right and wrong with
dominion over the whole world, it’s not right, and it can’t and won’t last. We may stand
astride the globe at the moment like a colossus but we have feet of clay. Our arrogance
and hubris will bring us down one day, probably a lot sooner than we think, just like it
has every empire of years past- we can make it easy or hard- or we can through
national soul searching and maybe have a conversation with ourselves and the rest of the world, and try to start anew.

The choice is really ours, go it alone or get along. Empire falling or a rebirth of the
American republic.

I hope to hear from some of you where you stand on these or any other issues on your
mind these days. Are you worried about things like your job, or keeping a roof over
your head? Or are things going perfect for you? Maybe you think that I may even be
over-reacting or flying off half cocked, it’s okay.

I am, as I said, in an arguing mood, not with you guys, but I honestly have had it up to
here with the elites who’ve been and still are raping this country, and their minions, most
of the policy makers and bureaucrats, most but not all, let me make that clear- I still hold
to an old fashioned notion that people still aspire to public service for the greater good,
not just to line their pockets.

As I posted the other day, I attended a hearing with many public service types there who
seemed to be trying to do the public’s business- granted I was only there about an hour
and a half, but you get my drift, I think. I am not willing to damn all these people and
paint them all with a broad brush, just a few of them, but not all. Let those that are
good continue to be so, and let the others wise up before the people rise up in their
righteous and noble anger, sweeping them aside once and for all.

I know a lot of the brainy pencil pusher types think that this will never happen, my
response is go read your history again. Never underestimate the will and anger of the

Now go out and stand up for yourselves and for those who can’t, if you are so inclined.
This doesn’t have to be some Darwinian world where we all end up fighting amongst
ourselves for the scraps that fall on the floor from massa’s table, let’s aspire to sitting
at that table and getting our fair share.

This is change I can believe in.


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