Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A farewell to the Ivanpah site.

Found out yesterday morning that there was no work for me that day
so I decided to make a drive up to stateline for one last walk through. 
091410ivanpahsegs 002

The stake in the ground is for the tortoise fence to be built as soon as the word comes
down that the project has been approved by the CEC. My goal today was to try to climb
the metamorphic hill, one of the smaller dark lava rock ones, and get some pictures and
to try to soak in the view which definitely will be changing soon. 
091410ivanpahsegs 006  
Note- from a news article here which I just read on 9/16/2010
this ridge is sacred to native americans, a fact I knew nothing
about. I want to make it clear that I removed nothing and did
not disturb this site in any way, only climbed up and back down.
I will say that in my opinion, the view from the ridge as of now
looks sacred; in the near future looking toward Clark Mountain,
you will see sacrilege.

The above photograph is from atop the small end of the metamorphic hill nearest to
the golf course and looking out toward Primm and the gas peaker power plant which
has a miniscule footprint and produces way more power than this gigantic solar
boondoggle ever will. 
091410ivanpahsegs 012

From my reading of the reports on this project, this metamorphic hill will still be
accessible by the public and not fenced off so you would still be able to enjoy
this wonderful view, however the one below this, will be marred by thousands of
heliostatic mirrors and you might want to invest in a welders face mask as the
glare from all those mirrors might cause permanent blindness.
091410ivanpahsegs 004  

There were a couple of men wearing bright yellow vests walking about in the desert
near the dirtroad, they might have been BrightSource biologists. There were a couple
of vehicles parked over by an asphalt parking lot, they might have been there waiting
for the Camp Ivanpah event. After sitting on top of the metamorphic hill in 30 mile an
hour winds for a while, I just felt like going home, so I missed the event, which is going
on today and tomorrow. If you want to help out, drive up to stateline on I-15, exit Yates Well Road and go west, young people, go west.

Sorry but I am seriously bummed out.
091410ivanpahsegs 015


091410ivanpahsegs 018

Below is something, maybe to do with the tortoise roundup.
091410ivanpahsegs 013

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