Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A fellow blogger, Arthur Silber could really use some help right now.

The call went out on another blog I read occasionally the other day about Mr. Silber’s
plight. Evidently he is in poor health and this massive heatwave has just about done
him in.

Here is the original blog that I discovered his predicament at.

My understanding of the situation is that he depends on his blog for his livelihood, when
he can’t write, he doesn’t get the visitors and his income depends on them.

I just found the article again on my laptop and sent a small donation via PayPal to help
him out. Do you think you can find it within yourself to help a fellow blogger out at this
bad time? I can’t personally vouch for him but here is the link to his blog, check it out
and if you can, please help, big or small, any amount will help.

I realize that we don’t know each other, but after all these months of blogging, I have
found out that people out there will often help out if asked, I am asking, if you can help
Mr. Silber out in his hour of need, I believe that it will come back to you one day, when
you need help, from somebody else probably, and the circle will close.

Thank you,