Wednesday, September 22, 2010

“Iacta alea est”- California Energy Commission full hearing- Ivanpah SEGS today in Sacramento.

You can read the notice in pdf format from the California Energy Commission
here. That is in the adobe acrobat format.

The purpose of this hearing is to discuss and/or deny/approved the Presiding
Members Proposed Decision from August 4th.

The hearing is being held in Sacramento, and the public can participate in the
proceedings, here is information from the linked document above, from the CEC:


No I am not trying to copyright their work, it’s just a bug in this software I admit I can’t fix!

You can also participate via webex online but I am not sure if that is watching only, sorry.

I am not sure of the exact agenda of this hearing but I believe today may be decision day for the Ivanpah project, or to put it another way- today may be sentencing day for this pristine wilderness area. Granted it doesn’t look like what a lot of folks think a wilderness
area looks like, but it is none the less. It really is amazing how quiet it was sitting atop that
as I found out later, sacred metamorphic hill top. All I could hear was the wind whipping
around me, though the cars and trucks were right there in the distance travelling the freeway in the distance.
091410ivanpahsegs 009

But evidently not for long, after today.

Well for me, this is not a day to celebrate, that’s for sure. It’s more like a day for mourning
as quite frankly, I think the die is cast and the only news coming down the pike for Ivanpah
will be very bad indeed.

I would like to thank those of you who have taken the time to check in here for my thoughts
on this project. I offer my profound gratitude to those of you who may have heeded my call
and elected to participate in the process, in hopes of stopping or slowing this runaway freight train barreling down on the Mojave and other wild places.

They say it ain’t over till it’s over, but it sure looks like execution night, and the clock is
one minute till midnight and we’re waiting for that phone call, which I am afraid will not
be ringing.

I can’t think of anything else to do so my plan is to avoid hearing it for a while. This I
will accomplish by heading up to Big Morongo Canyon Nature Preserve and get out of
range of cell phones, wifi signals, smoke signals, etc.
 bigmorongocanyonhike 021

I guess after all this time, I still can’t bear to hear the news nor still believe it will happen.

Later today I will be sitting under the tree above in the photo, trying to figure out just
how this environmental catastrophe came about.

Thanks for helping out in this struggle.