Thursday, September 23, 2010

Noli nothis permittere te terere

Or never let the bastards wear you down.

A sentiment to keep in mind a day after the California Energy Commission in
a full member hearing decided to go along and rubberstamp the Presiding
Members Decision.

Of course, deep down, all along, many of us suspected the process was rigged
from the very beginning, myself among them, despite this deep feeling, I still
played the game and sent in my written comment and appeared at the DRECP
hearing, which we now know was “too little and too late” to help out with Ivanpah
and Blythe.

Just to clarify my take on the DRECP, my problem was not with the report put out,
but with the timing, a point I brought up when I spoke up at that meeting. In my naivete,
I asked why didn’t it come out months ago? A young man attending the meeting, told me
it actually should have been a year or two ago. Wow! Well I told you guys, I got into
this late in the process, so I will just keep on learning how things work in the real world.

So now the final shoe to fall for Ivanpah will be the BLM approval decision, a done deal
if I ever saw one. Once that hits the presses, the ink won’t even have time to start drying
before the Bechtel and BrightSource bulldozers and earthmovers will be fired up, got to
break ground asap to qualify for those federal stimulus dollars. This I can absolutely
guarantee will happen, no ifs, ands, or buts. And the morongobill is going out on
the limb with another prediction, there will absolutely be no last minute reprieve
issued for Ivanpah in the form of a legal brief from the major carbonmental, I
mean environmental groups. Why not, some might ask? Because, in my humble
opinion some of them have been in  on this charade from the very beginning, see
my previous post for a possible scenario that might have occurred, a post I wrote
over six months ago!

I might be wrong on the exact details but it sure has happened kind of like I predicted in
early March of this year. Go check out that link if you don’t believe me. The only thing I’d
write differently now is I would add 2 names alongside Elden Hughes, guess who I would

Yes it looks like the DRECP report may be implemented, especially the guidance on site
selection for these mega power plants, “ no regret siting, on disturbed land is preferred”,
and that is really good news. Of course the bad news is that by the time the final report
is approved and if it gets implemented as written, by that time, the other 100 or so projects
waiting in the wings, will probably already be approved, with ground broken, a real
possibility when you consider how long it takes to get something actually beneficial for the Mojave approved.

Just another day in paradise, here in Kalifornia.



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