Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time to get real on the backporch.

A careful look will reveal a couple of changes.

After thinking about it for a while, the follower section has
been removed, along with the site counter, and the blogs
roster has been trimmed.

I am never going to have thousands of followers or visitors
so why keep that on the blog.

The intent now will be on trying to get back to the original
purpose of this blog, as written under the title.

I am finding myself turning into more of a radical, as it pertains
to the issue of renewable energy as it affects the Mojave, and
will try to just pass on the information in the future, as I doubt any
others would be interested in hearing my opinions going on adnauseum,
the simple facts on the ground are the renewable interests with help
from their allies within the environmental movement have won- and I
am rapidly coming to the view, that as they do in Europe, the answer may
have to be in direct action by the people, as in thousands showing up
every day, stopping the work, until the other side gives in.

My feeling is the only way we could get thousands of folks out
on the Ivanpah site for example would be if we had a desert tortoise
rodeo, kind of like the old “rattlesnake rodeos” back home in the
south where I grew up, google the term and you’ll get my point I
am making here. Hint- think destruction of the species, judging by
the neanderthal like comments I have been seeing on newspaper
articles about desert issues lately, I think I am right on in my opinion,
and that truly is a sad thing for this blogger to admit.


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