Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time to take this “desert activism” up a notch.

I guess that I should have seen this coming some time ago but I didn’t.

After all this time, talking and writing, it’s time for “doing.”

Tomorrow in Ontario, there is a scheduled meeting of the DRECP Stakeholder
Steering Committee in Ontario, California. I plan to attend and hopefully speak
during the public comment period which I understand will be from 1430-1500, or
2:30-3:00 pm pacific time. Since the time allowed for the public is only 30 minutes
and I am sure there will be quite a few folks there, the time will be limited, no filibusters
allowed ;-)

Although I am fairly articulate and somewhat well read, see my news media interviews
here, this is taking it to a whole new level. It’s one thing to take pot shots at the bureaucrats
on my blog and other to go beard them in their lair.

I think that I am up to the challenge.

This DRECP committee just released the report that I quoted in my last post and I like
what I read, such as the proposed “no regrets” strategy of siting these projects on
brownfields, or previously disturbed land, ideally close in near the consumers, in order
to reduce the need to build new transmission line infrastructure, a costly, wasteful, and
environmentally destructive process.

However, my problem is with the timing of the report which just came out, the initial
”public comment draft.” Note that this draft just came out at around the same time as the
CEC approvals for several projects, among them Ivanpah SEGS and others, and all to
the best of my recollection on prime desert animal and plant habitat! Sounds to
me like the CEC and the big energy promoters would like to get as many of these
harmful projects approved now, before the DRECP’s recommendations are
approved, and so that they all can qualify for the big OBAMA BUCK STIMULUS $
before they expire on 12/31/2010.

So we will see how it goes tomorrow, who knows, they may take one look at me and
call for security!
bigmorongocanyonhike 001

As a public service to the CEC staff and security, here is a photo of Morongobill in his proposed attire for the
meeting tomorrow, I will not be bringing the vanilla cream soda though as I don’t seem to be in a sharing mood
lately. But I am in an arguing mood.

Fellow activists and desert lovers, it’s not too late to get involved in a more direct way.
I am not talking to the long-time colleagues(I hope that I am not being presumptuous here)
who have forgotten more about the process than I will ever know, but to those who have
been following this little blog all along. You can participate as well by writing comments
on this blog or others, or to news stories that you come across, or even riding up to Ontario
with me tomorrow to attend the meeting, drop me an email, there are lots of ways to help
and to participate, even if you live across the globe. After all, I don’t live in Australia but
when I saw how they are about to be “BrightSourced”, I had no option but to do my duty
as a citizen of the world and a desert lover, and that was to try to warn them. You can do
things like this also, no doubt with much better results. I challenge you to at least think
about it.

You know I have learned a lot in this journey that began in January of this year when I began this little blog. And I have met(online) some of the finest people that I have ever
come across in my 56 years. Tireless men and women, motivated by a desire to save
the deserts from a horrible fate, who despite being knocked down, keep getting up and
answering the bell for another round, people much more eloquent than myself, that keep
putting the word out there, hoping that we will gain some traction and the seeds being
sown will fall upon fertile soil, and take root, in the hearts of the average person out there,
who will see that by joining in this struggle, no matter the odds against them, that we, the
people, can and will prevail, as has happened in the past, against the forces arrayed
against us, and will save this wilderness that is threatened to a greater degree than in any
time in recent memory and history.

Thank you.