Thursday, September 30, 2010

Time to wake up, people. Just as sure as the sun sets in the west, the California Energy Commission and the BLM will approve every damned project, every one- we need to start smelling the creosote bush! What we are doing, ain’t working!

And thanks to the “carbonmentalists” such as Wald and Zichella who quietly
worked hand in hand with the bureaucrats and industrialists, working the
machinations behind the scenes, for months and years, we are now getting
our asses kicked from pillar to post, no end in sight, with the Mojave desert and
other wild places about to be industrialized, MAKE THAT RAPED, right
before our unbelieving eyes.

I believe you can take this to the bank.

Those of you who think I am exaggerating or prone to hyperbole, take a reading of some
of my previous posts, a lot has happened as I thought it would.

The system has worked exactly as designed. It was made for one purpose, to streamline
the approval process for these renewable energy projects to be built on public
lands, period.
No surprise on the backporch that they’re being approved. There is of
course, a lot of outrage, a lot of sadness, and yes, a feeling that maybe I got suckered
in along with everyone else, and actually started believing in the process.

All I can say is what a damned jackass I was and I did it to myself.
ivanpah032410hike 033

I guess I am the balding jackass above, the one on the right. We are standing in the middle of proposed Ivanpah #3.

We activists for the Mojave, whether we have been doing this for decades or only a
few months, such as myself, now need to avoid the mistake of refighting old campaigns
from the past. They obviously are not working, and continually tweaking and re-tweaking
the same, old, tired battle plans can only result in another string of ignominuous defeats
for us and for the environment we are fighting for, each in our own little way.

My take of this and it’s not a popular one I am sure, is that we have been fighting with both hands tied behind our back all along. The major environmental groups, our supposed allies,
have given tacit consent to these projects, by the simple fact of not strongly opposing them! And as mentioned earlier, some of the old lions of the movement
have been in bed all along with the ones who want to destroy these last remaining
ecosystems and habitats. These “old lions” by virtue of their actions and in a misguided belief that the desert must be sacrificed to prevent global warming and climate change, have almost singlehandedly sealed the fate for the Mojave and other wild places threatened by this “renewable energy land rush!”

My advice is to quit membership in these groups, stop paying dues, so that their corporate sponsorship will be all that sustains them, and hopefully they’ll be consigned to the dustpan of history- sorry, their time is up. New institutions will arise to take their places, never fear, as a lesson to what forgetting where you came from and hubris can bring.

Let me be absolutely clear on this. I don’t care if my blog gets dropped from every
other site that it is listed on, or if all of my followers drop out, I really don’t care.
We are getting our asses beat like a drum here, and the time for the same old,same
old is over, at least for me. And I believe that you feel the same way as I do.

So we presented our case to the CEC and others, oh they listened carefully but the message obviously didn’t sink in or resonate with them. Why? It’s simple, they have the
power and we don’t. That’s it. I understand that we have the facts on our side, right on
our side, hell even the desert tortoises are on our side. I know that for a fact because
Senor Tortuga told me that when I interviewed him back in March or April. Note to new
readers, that was a tongue-in-cheek post I did which you can read here.

So we have a case where the fix is in and we were all playing our parts in the great
charade known as the evidentiary hearings, public comment sections, blah,blah.
But you see, since the fix was in, the outcome was never really in doubt. The only
drama and nervousness awaiting the death sentence being announced, was amongst
us. The other side has never worried, they don’t have to.

I don’t have the answers but I can flat out tell you, what will happen if I ever think my two
favorite places in the whole world are threatened again with imminent destruction, i.e.
as when the “Lame ass DWP” from Los Angeles tried to build those gigantic transmission
towers flat down the middle of the Big Morongo Canyon Nature Preserve, I am going on
record right now, that I will participate in a peoples direct action campaign, they will have
to forcibly remove me out of the way of the bulldozers, I guess. And the same goes for the
Mojave National Preserve, I would not be surprised to hear, at some point in the future,
a plan being proposed that would enable the NPS properties to pay for themselves by being allowed to install wind turbines and concentrated solar, all in the name of deficit reduction and budget balancing. Don’t laugh, after all the Mojave National Preserve is
already home to transmission lines and railroads, to the bureaucrats, what would be
the fuss with a few turbines or heliostats?

Direct action, may be the only way for the people to stop these projects, really. The
man has the remote site locations going for him right now and peoples apathy, but that’s
where we as an alternate source of shaping public opinion come in. People are apathetic
because it hasn’t been explained to them in a way they can relate to, just what the hell we
are all fighting for here. That’s one reason and being scared for their own personal
survival may be another. It’s hell out there, I am a bus driver, I bet I get it more than most
as I am experiencing it myself on a daily basis and have been since August of last year, when we lost a big contract at work, and drivers started missing one or two days a week of income. I get peoples pain.

Another way we have failed, is not in pushing the economic benefits of direct power generation enough. ROOFTOP SOLAR= TONS OF GREAT, GREEN JOBS. That
should be our mantra, it’s the jobs, stupid- to paraphrase. I believe if we could succeed
in getting that word out, those of you reading this with media contacts and I know that
some of you have them, get that word out that our side prevailing, will bring high paying,
local jobs with no 150 mile one way commute, where the workers will go home at night to their own bed and families, and not be two in a lonely hotel room with
doing installations now and sevicing them long into the future, and not having
to pay sky high electric rates in the future due to the billions of dollars remote boondoggles requiring massive, hugely expensive transmission lines and grid
plus having the ability to finally lord over the SCE’S and PGE’s of the world
by producing our own power and selling it to them--- it’s really a no brainer if presented right to the people.

I guess what I am saying is that I like being part of a winning position, we have right on
our side, and we need to quickly change our strategies and tactics, or else it will truly
be crying time out in the Mojave and here on the backporch.

Folks, I am not going to ask you to comment here or do anything, except to say that if
you care about this issue, feel free to forward this to others that you feel may be receptive or have an open mind, if enough people like you care or begin to have an inkling of what is at stake, change may finally come.

I am sick and tired of hearing bad news, how about you?


Another thing, I am not short changing the arguments for and on behalf of the endangered
plant and animal species, those arguments will still be made in conjunction with others-
the whole point is we need to have our arguments gaining traction with the people, as well
as policy makers, etc.

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