Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Working for the rich folk ain’t like it was in the old days, that’s for sure!

A couple of days ago, I had the misfortune of working an event at an unknown
location, kept secret for obvious reasons, all I can say is I heard today that I
was working in a very powerful media lady’s neighborhood, where I was in contact
with several extremely rich people for periods of time.

Man this ain’t like back home in Georgia.

I remember working at a gas station in Blakely, Georgia when I was around 18-19
years old. Mr. S. G. Maddox, Sr. who owned one of the 2 large peanut mills in
town used to drive up into the station lot about once a month and I would go out
and get the check from him, he would always tell me he was saving a dime. Mr. Maddox
had a long, black Cadillac Fleetwood which I used to wash and then drive back to
his home. Now that was a real Cadillac! And the owner was a true gentleman!

His son, “Buddy” Maddox was another southern gentleman like his father, they always
acted normal toward the rest of us and were liked and respected by us.

It was the same with the Singletary’s who owned the other peanut mill in the town, even
though they were rich, they acted normal to the rest of us.

I wish I could say the same about rich folks today, at least the ones in southern California.

But I can’t , if my experience a couple of days ago is any guide.

How about being told to your face, that if you got to go, use the bushes? No portapotties
and definitely no food available and miles from anywhere via tight narrow roads.

Yep, it sure happened and that’s what we did as we stood by waiting for the call, partook
of the bushes. Good thing the sun had set and there were no streetlights.

There were other moments, one particularly embarrassing to a rich older woman.
Unfortunately, I am not able to divulge any more details than what I have already, except
to say that alcohol may have been involved ;-(

Man, if this is what it is like working with rich folks now, I for one, am ready to start
sharpening my pitchfork, rhetorically speaking, and of course that is a joke.

Instead I’ll just remember what the Lord said in the gospel.

Sure makes me long for the good old days back home in Blakely!


Folks, people I know have told me that I need to put more of myself out there, this true
story being told here is in response to those suggestions.

By the way, if any of my readers are rich, how do you feel about dealing with the common
people? Are you like Mr. Maddox was or like the people I worked for the other day? I am interested if you choose to comment or send a private email. The same with readers who
are not well off, have you interacted recently with the very rich, and how did it go?

I find it fascinating that my memories of about 37 years ago of dealing with those folks
mentioned here, are really good memories, and I am sure my memories of the other day
will last as well for a long time, in a different sort of way.