Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another must see video—“Solar Gold: Corporate mega solar invades native lands.”

Another excellent video from film maker Robert Lundahl, who also filmed the video
in my previous post. This film is in reference to the geoglyphs out nere Blythe, California
and to soon be bulldozed by Chevron and Solar Millennium. The sites are considered
sacred by the Chemehuevi and Yaqui tribes.

You might recall that a couple of Chemehuevi elders went to the Ivanpah site and climbed
the sacred metamorphic hill. These sites as you will see in the film are considered
especially sacred to the people.

But like everything else in the Mojave, a juggernaut is heading toward these sites and
threaten to level everything in its’ path.

Again, this is a large download and I recommend it only for broadband users.

Folks, please take a moment after you view the film and go
check out this site. Here you will find a whole lot of information about what is about to happen to these sacred sites
and the plan to document the 17,000 sites that are under assault from the solar and renewable energy interests. There
is an opportunity to make a small donation(25$ on up) and get
your name on the credits. I intend to donate the amount of $25
right after I post this via paypal. I hope to see your name also.

Thanks to Chris Clarke over at Coyote Crossing for turning me onto this at his site and to
Mr. Robert Lundahl for bringing his talents to helping out in the fight to save the Mojave.

Solar Gold: Corporate Mega Solar Invades Native Lands from Robert Lundahl on Vimeo.

Sacred Sites, still meaningful to indigenous communities such as the Chemehuevi of Southern California and other tribes, including large earth drawings known as geopglyphs, petroglyphs (rock drawings), and other ancient man made features. These features and the sacred landscapes of which they are a part. are under grave threat in the Mohave Desert.

Thanks for stopping by the backporch and for viewing the video.

And a heartfelt special thank you to those who can contribute in any way to this cause.
Not everyone is in a position to help with money, I more than most, understand that. But
help can come in many forms- forwarding the link to a friend or relative, talking to people,
praying for guidance, there are many ways to help and we appreciate it and really need it.

Thank you,


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